Sunday, June 1, 2008

Twilight Fan Spotlight

Here at Novel Novice, we are quite excited to read all the comments that are posted in response to our wacky antics. We have noticed that several of you just keep coming back (and ever thankful that you go tell your friends to do the same). We have decided its high time to focus on those of you that have helped get this site off its feet. Each week we will spotlight one of you! This week's story comes from "Roxie," who has been a beyond awesome contributor to our discussions. Take the time to read her story and let her know what you think. We truly believe that it is the fans who make the site and we want to know your stories. So keep posting comments and we may soon be asking you to contribute your Twilight adventure:

My experience with Twilight was born out of my love for another very popular series (looking at you Maurice!). When I was attending Georgia State University, a friend of mine encouraged me to read Hp. I refused. I was too old, too mature to read a children's series! I was 20! I couldn't be caught on campus nor any where else reading it! How would it look? What would people say?

Well, my friend's ever growing enthusiasm began to spark my curiosity. My mother rented the first two movies for my younger nephew to watch and I though I'd join in on this family time. I was intrigued! But still too afraid to be seen reading it! I devised a plan! I could check out the audio books from Atlanta -Fulton Public Library! This way I could get into the books without anyone knowing what was going on in my head phones! "GENIUS!" I thought.

I fell so in love that I attended midnight showings for the movie releases, purchased tickets in advance, bought the actual books (read them proudly in public) and some t-shirts to show my affinity. I even began to listen to the podcasts Pottercast and Mugglecast during slows days at work. It was while listening to these podcasts I first heard of Twilight. 

Everyone was sad that HP had come to a close and fans began searching for the next good thing. When Mugglecast pulled an April Fool's joke this year, saying they were going to devote a portion of the show to Twilight, I decided I HAD to know what this was! Again, I was afraid. Would it be as good as HP? Would I love it as much? However, having learned my lesson with Harry Potter of trying new things and not to be afraid of what people may think, I dived right in. Again, I listened to the audio books (this time for ease and it is allowed by my new job!)  OME, obsession has reigned supreme ever since.

My name is Roxie and I have been dazzled for two months!

To me Twilight is as real as it is fictional. The characters are so complex, each could have their own saga and the settings are so vivid, they are characters in and of themselves. The werewolves and vampires may be fictional, but the situations and emotions that Meyer writes about are so real. Now that I am nearly 25, I can identify with Bella's feelings towards Edward and with Jacob's unrequited affections. There's the tension about fitting in with a new crowd at a new school and the struggle of independence from Charlie. In New Moon, there is the struggle with hard heartbreak, promises made then broke, and in Eclipse the pain of having to make choices that are far from easy. They are all very real things we have to deal with in life, fortunately, Edward's only a page turn away!

Oh, did I mention, I'm on Team Edward?


Britten said...

Hi! I'm Britten, one of the admins of TwilightMOMS and a blogger too. What you have going here is MOST AWESOME!!! We applaud you and think your students are smart cookies for reading Twilight ;). Keep spreading the word and having lots of Twilight fun!

Happy revamping!


Roxie said...

Thanks so much for asking me to write. I feel honored to be a part of your project!

WhoJackman said...

Wasn't sure where I should post this but here I go. I asked if we could mention your site on our podcast and we did. Our site is but I think I read the wrong link during the podcast. Although the correct link is on our site. We should be ready for download in the next few days and we talk at length about Twilight. Thanks for the joy I get from reading your updates every day, it makes the heart of this teacher swell. Thanks you, Adele

Broadway Katie said...

So awesome! I wish I had more twihard friends to share this site with. Unfortunately, despite my raving about the book at all hours of the day, only a few people I know personally have read the book, and none of them have become as hooked as me. But I swear, I will make a Twilighter out of someone! Mark my words! ;)

Ok, btw, I'm Team Edward too. ;)

Naitre said...

The age thing is so true! That's one of the reasons I delayed both my Harry Potter and Twilight experience - I was far too "mature" (13 and 20 respectively) to be seen with such tomes. Oh, how delusional I was :)

May your obsession continue on with fervor, Roxie!

Ms.Truitt said...

Britten and whojackman...thanks for the support it means the world to us here!!! and of course, we all know Roxie rules!!!!

Phinecia said...

AWESOME story Roxie! I was 26 when I read the Harry Potter series. I had 2 kids at that point so I didn't look so weird buying them. With Twilight, I just bought it for my daughter then fell in love with it. I like it MUCH more than Harry Potter!

Miss V said...

I love it! I got my sister and my grandma to read them and they loved them! Stephenie's writing knows no age or gender bounds. It appeals to all. That is what is so great about the stories!

Miss V said...

I wanted to have your students read this letter I found on the lex forums this morning. It is amazing to me how these books touch different people and how they can relate. I was not sure how to get it to you so I'll post it here. I hope if anything it generates some good discussion how books can touch/help/heal you:) Or what you got from Twilight. Everyones story/experience is different.

So here is the letter.

"Dear Stephenie Meyer,

I guess writing this would be pointless, considering the chances of you actually getting it don’t look good, but I thought maybe it would somehow. So here it goes. You have written the best books I have literally ever read. Twilight was absolutely amazing, and so was Eclipse. As for New Moon, that’s the subject of this letter. You see, New Moon was very, very, very inspiring to me. I felt as if I connected with Bella. I didn’t understand why at first that I felt like I connected so well with the feelings portrayed in the book because the reason was subject that I block from my mind, and after I figured it out it became something very obvious. All throughout New moon I was crying. When Edward took Bella into the woods, I was balling, literally. I kept crying all up to when she found the motorcycles. Then when she was with Jacob Black on the motorcycles and heard Edwards voice, I cried again. Every time she heard his voice, I cried. Then in the meadow, I cried just as hard at when they were in the woods, maybe harder. When I reached the part where she was about to be kill by Laurent and she said, “Edward, Edward, Edward. Edward I love you.” I slammed the book down. I had been lying in bed and it was about 11:30 PM. I remembering curling up on my side and thinking, thinking hard, about why I had reacted that way. When I placed the book on my desk a picture had fallen off of it, the picture though, had been placed behind others. Then I realized it was my father. It was obvious, and I started crying all over again.
My father, my hero, my best friend, the most amazing person (in my eyes) that had ever walked the earth, died in a car crash on November 7th, 2006. I was fourteen. The bond I had with my father was unbreakable. You would think a teenager would shy away from their dads, but not me. I was known to choose to spend the day fishing with by dad, rather than going to movies with my friends. My dad was my own personal superman, and believe it or not, I told him everything. He was the one person I knew I could trust for as long as I lived. That’s why it killed me inside when he passed away. I remember crying in hysterics for hours. I missed two weeks of school and I just stayed in my room, crying. My mother was afraid I would become suicidal, but I could never do that to her. After about two months, the crying slowed. It did not stop, but at night it would never be as bad. I went back to school, but I never did much, just like Bella. It’s like I was there without actually being there. One thing different then Bella though, is my grades suffered as a result rather than became better, which didn’t help. My mother became scared, and she said I had to get out of the house and live again. I couldn’t. In between November 7th and August 19th, 2007, I had thrown away over 120 movies. Besides fishing, that was my fathers favorite pass time. We would sit for hours and watch movies. His favorite, School of Rock, was literally broken to pieces. I spent 10 months wallowing over my father. Even threw my birthday.
On August 19th 2007, I was finally able to breathe again. My mom forced me to go to my uncles’ house for the day, claiming it would do me good. I just sat there, and smiled as best as I could. My cousin, who was sixteen then (currently seventeen), was like a brother to me. I was an only child so he was as close as it got. He had watched me suffer from the beginning. When it first happened he would always be there, letting my cry in his arms. I was thankful, and I had said that before, but only once since the memory hurt. At the party he walked up to me and pulled me gently from the couch. He scrutinized my face for a minute and pulled me into the other room and shut the door. He stood in front of me with his hands on my shoulders, his eyes fierce and serious. I was startled when he yelled, “Listen to me! This has got to stop.” He didn’t need to say much for me to break down. I remember the tears pouring over and me sliding to the ground. We sat against the wall for three hours, and he waiting patiently. When I finally calmed he started, “I know,” he said in the softest tone imaginable, “I know, and understand completely why you feel the way you do, but honestly, is this what your father would have wanted? Would he want you wasting almost a year crying over what happened? Would he want you hurting your mother, your family, yourself? No. He would want you living your life, and doing the things you love. He would want you to go fishing and watch the movies you use to love. He would never, ever of wanted this for you, and you know that. It may not be like it was, trying to live without him, but damnit, you have to try, and actually try! Its how he would have wanted it, it’s how it would have been if her were here. Just because he isn’t here in the flesh, doesn’t mean he isn’t with you. As long as you want him to be, he always will. Don’t forget that.” I sat stared in shock, but a slow smile broke across my face. He smiled back, “Now promise me, promise your father that you will try.” I promised.
I had remembered every word exactly that he said. It was a huge eye opener for me, and although I still cried at night for a month, I got through it. I don’t forget him and I know I never will, but I faced the fear, the fear of me remembering. While reading New Moon, I felt the pains Bella had. I knew how it felt to lose your meaning of existence. I could feel every pain Bella had, and I knew that’s why I was reacting the way I did. Thank you Stephenie, for writing the one book that has ever, ever touched my heart, and for that I am eternally grateful. I just wish that I would have read this book last year, because it would have pulled me through. I know it. Today it is May 29th, 2008. I am sixteen years old, two years after the death of my father. I again, thank you, so much, more than you can possibly ever know.

I love you Stephenie Meyer for writing the first book that I have ever related to.
I love you dad, for being my superman.

Thank You, so much.

That girl."

Ms.Truitt said...

wow, thats a powerful letter. I will be sure to share it with my students! Thanks for the heads up!!