Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday's Twilight News

*Yay for Team Jacob Day. But if for some reason you missed our Team Edward video, check it out here.

*If you haven't watched our video for Project Twilight Contamination, do so now and join the project. Go tell your friends, favorite twilight websites, and anyone you can think of who might be interested about what we are trying to do!.

*Greetings from Twilight has posted a funny new video about  the difficulties of shooting as a result of the crazy weather.

*There is a great new site out there and you should check it out-Everything Twilight.

*Didn't get tickets to see Meyers in New York? Heres your chance to win them.

*BellaandEdward has a new layout AND a new interview with the actress playing Angela. 

*Twilight Moms have updated their Mini-Monday series and its hilarious. If you have not seen this segment before, check it out. 

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