Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Read? Twilight Style!

Twilight websites and The Twilight Lexicon go together like peanut butter and jelly, summer and the beach, Edward and Bella. Of course it makes sense for us to ask some of their moderators our Why Read questions. Please enjoy Pel's answers below:

1) What were your experiences with literature growing up? Were you always an avid reader?

Growing up the Scolastic Book club was big. My sister and I used to get $5.00 each whenever the new flyer came out (probably like $20.00 in today's terms), we would pool our money and plot which books we would get. Unfortunately when I got to high school there was so much school involved reading I never seemed to have time to pleasure read, so my reading really slacked off there as far as the enjoyment factor went. In college I had the same situation, I was an English major so I read a lot, but not persay what I was really interested in (Loved Jane Austen, hated the Brontes). I was very involved in the drama club and found myself reading a lot of plays. I pretty much continued that trend out of college and read plays and entertainment based books for a long time.
2) What was your favorite book growing up and why?
In elementary school (my school was grade 1-8) my favorites were the Little House on the Prairie Series and the Chronicles of Narnia. I must have reread each series a jillion times. I also got into the Chronicles of Prydain later on. I tend to like historical stuff or fantasy. I'm not really that into stories that take place in modern times unless there is a fantasy hook.
3) What first drew you to the Twilight series?
Honestly, Lori nagging me to read it. I really don't like vampires as a general rule. If Lori hadn't nagged me I wouldn't have picked it up, but I'm glad I did. If the characters weren't so compelling, or if it were very gory I wouldn't like it.

4) What is your favorite book of the series so far and why?
My favorite is Eclipse because I think Bella Edward and Jacob finally understand each other, they may not like each other, but I think they understand each other and what it's like to walk in the other person's shoes.

5) What books besides Twilight would you recommend to young adults besides the Twilight series?
I'm really into the fantasy genre, defintely the Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan. I got the first book right after it came out and the whole family got hooked. There are four books out in the US and more in Australia. We couldn't wait and ordered more from Australia. It's set in what is a mythical Medieval setting with a bit a fantasy and magic but not too much. I think both boys and girls would like the book.

As far as historical, I have some favorites there too. Absolutely the Anne of Green Gables series (Stephenie Meyer is a big fan too) has some wonderful characters. I also love Little Women, which is one of my favorite books ever! I think there's realy something for everyone in Little Women.

If people want to go the play reading route, I recommend the Brighton Beach Series by Neil Simon
~Thanks Pel!

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