Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wednesday's Twilight News

*Twilight Lexicon broke the news that Itunes is offering a free download of Kristen Stewart's movie Cutlass. Gotta love apple :-)

*No one loves the ability of books to inspire more than Novel Novice Twilight. Click here to read about the project Give Blood: Carlisle Would Approve.

*One thing you learn as a teacher is to truly reach students you must teach across subject lines. Never would I have been clever enough to connect Twilight and alternative energy. Click here to read the article.

*Awww widgets...even the name sounds cute. Click here to get you very own Twilight widget. 

*Stephenie Meyer's page is updated with info concerning the cover of Breaking Dawn!

*Twilight Series Theories has a new interview with the actor playing Sam. Check it out!

*Check back later today for the posting of this week's discussion questions and how you can be a part of our video blog!

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