Monday, June 23, 2008

Connections to Twilight

The best stories are those stories that allow us to see a part of ourselves within the pages between the covers. The best literature is literature that we can relate to. I got an e-mail submitting a poem that I felt really connected to the themes presented in Twilight. The poet has asked to remain anonymous, but I think you can really see the Twilight connection. It speaks volumes for  Meyer's work and her ability to capture so well the idea of "first love."Its a really brave thing to let someone read your writing, I am still not brave enough to do it, so a huge thanks goes out to our poet! Please enjoy:

I need you to guide me, I feel so lost right now
Just hold my hand for a time
I need you near me to feel right
To hold me up when I’m down

Emptiness sure can fill me up
When you are not in my sight
For I need to see you
I feel so out of it when I don’t

Because I know its love
I can’t live without you
I want everyday to be with you
I want you to look in my eyes

Tell me you want me
You need me
Because god I need you
Want you

Please show me the way
The way to be with you now
For I don’t see you
You’re too far aways


kori said...

That's really sweet :-)

Nice job, anonymous!!!

LupsandTnks said...

I like it. :)

Kacy~Totally loves Twilight~ said...

Thats a really good poem!

!Twilightaholic! said...

Thats very creative! Nice work anonymous! i like it! :)

!Twilightaholic! said...
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Anonymous said...

very nice, i like it!

Anonymous said...

I wish i could write poetry like that! Its so sweet!