Thursday, June 12, 2008

Thursday's Twilight News

* They're at it again...those pesky novels keep looking for a fight! Reelz Channel has another segment on the whole Harry Potter v Twilight war. Novel Novice will have no part...we have love for all novels! What was more interesting to us is that the running time for the movie is stated as being 140 mins! Over two hours of Twilight goodies, yes please!

*Twilight Series Theories broke the news that a site has information regarding the Twilight wrap party. No footage of any Twilight stars with the exception of Kellan Lutz

*Stephenie has updated her site concerning the Breaking Dawn tour! (Grrrr I was suppose to go to New York that weekend! I would die just to meet the woman who has inspired my children to do great things. But alas, two of my bestest friends are going to try and get tickets and do a write-up for the site!). 

*Novel Novice Twilight will be posting our first pro-Jacob video tomorrow! 

*Novel Novice Twilight is still looking for paper ideas...and writers. If you are interested in either comment here or e-mail us at

*Twilight Lexicon has an interview with a Twilight producer!


Yari said...

When I went to the site. I interpreted the number as an hour and forty minutes. So now I'm confused. Is it 140 minutes or an hour and 40 minutes?????

Yari said...

So I answered my own question by looking up other movies lol. And i think it is def. the over 2 hours one Thank God!!!!