Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday's Twilight News

*We have fallen in the topsites ranking! Lets get us back up there. Go tell all of your friends about this site, and all the cool stuff you are helping us do over here. Go now. Extra credit points I promise!

*BiteofTwilight has an interview with Justin Chon, go check it out here. 

*Stephenie Meyer's website has updated concerning products connected to the release of the Twilight movie. Product Placements you say? Check ours out below!

*Oh the Cullen Crust...I mean Crest... check out some information about the designer here!

*And who says books don't have the power to move people. Check out this wonderful story over at Twilight Guy.

*BellaandEdward report that the Twilight trailer is the most watch trailer on IMDB. You know what that means? Go check it out again!

*Twilight Moms is the most awesome of awesome! They report on happenings at Novel Novice without us even having to grovel to ask. They are beyond amazing! Thank you for the support. I think Novel Novice might just have to do something to thank you....:::: runs off into the bat cave:::::.

*Later tonight Novel Novice will be presenting a special and educational video for Edward's birthday! So come back and check it out!

*Yearbook staff will be announced tomorrow.

*Don't forget to stop by our forum and answer our discussion questions of the week!

We will be updating this news feed all day!

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