Monday, June 9, 2008

Cue Flying Spider-monkey

Novel Novice Twilight is thrilled to announce number three on our list of the top five Twilight websites out there in Twilight universe. We were going to have an actual spider-monkey announce this award, but were told he would not come out to play because he feared a  Twilight fan might kidnap him to keep as a pet. Tsk, tsk Twilight fans. Detention for all of you who thought of this....yes, that means you sitting in the back. 

Here are the top three reasons why we love them:
3) Their layout is flawless! The graphics and color scheme work beautifully together. Not to mention they have a lot of cool things going on: fan of the week, youtube channel, forums, a wicked gallery... pretty inspiring to a newbie site like ours!
2) Their staff is amazingly helpful. You can tell that they really have a love for the Twilight world, and are more than willing to help those who want to express their love as well. They are really generous, and are willing to help fellow Twilight websters when needed. 
1) They are on top of their news feed. BellaandEdward posts interesting Twilight movie and book related news faster than most. Its the first site we check when the thirst for Twilight news has gone unquenched at other sites. 

Go check out this fantastic site and tell them Novel Novice says hello!!!!


Michelle said...

Hey Ms.Truitt!
This is Michelle from :) I just wanted to say thanks for all of the kind words and for ranking BAE as one of your top Twilight sites. It's a great honor for me and everyone else at BellaAndEdward.

Thanks again!
- Michelle

From The Twilight Blogger -- said...

I would like to add you as one of our affiliates, if possible. You have a wonderful site going on and I just wanted to know if you would like me to do that for you? I really like the whole idea of "teachers" reading Twilight. I really wish that all of my teachers would do that! Visit the site and let me know if you would like to affiliate!

LupsandTnks said...

Hey! I made a blog, and due to my procrastination, it is devoted to Twilight. Of course I am obsessed, but I have made up a plan to include what I love and make up a reasonable portfolio all at the same time!
I have a teacher that I got into Twilight. HIS name is Mr. Smith. He really likes the books and it's all because of me. Mwah haha. You seem like someone who would be a favorite teacher. Awesome! Check out my blog please.