Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Twilight Tuesday

Mission control can you read me... Larry is heading to space, a place of Twilight awesome-ness apparently. Check out Larry's Twilight Tuesday blog where he talks about the oh-so-amazing ways in which the Twilight community has embraced him!

Also click below to watch Taylor (Jacob) discuss Bella's truck on the video and muse about obtaining his own driver's license. My very first car was a vovlo...how perfect! Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this week's Twilight Tuesday!!!!

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Michelle said...

i liked last weeks Twilight Tuesday soo much more. That scene they were filming was great. Plus more kristen and rob time!

I was thinking Jacob really shouldn't be in Twilight too much only because he din't have a lot of scenes with Bella except for when he tells her of the legends and one or two la push scenes. If they write new scenes just to have Taylor in it, it's going to ruin the main story, bella and edward's relationship. Hopefully, Twilight the movie will make lots of money, leading to the rest of the saga. Then Jacob fans will get more of him in New Moon, so there's hope. But I'm still Team Edward!