Tuesday, June 10, 2008

You are most amazing.... A+ for everyone!!!!

I am speechless, truly speechless. And if you knew me, or were a student in my class, you would understand that this NEVER happens. Last week, me and some of my Twilighters were talking about the site we created a little less than a month ago. We have been really pleased with how it has all turned out, and have had a lot of fun with it as well. Maurice, yes the same Maurice who yelled a killing curse at a sub, mentioned that he wanted our site to reach 10,000 hits before the end of the school year. I told him: "That would be nice but we need to set a reachable goal Maurice." This occurred last friday. We were barely at four thousand hits (though no part of me was disappointed by this number). Low and behold, yesterday we passed 10,000! I was shocked, elated, and couldn't wait to tell my students. This is beyond our wildest dreams. We truly thank you for coming to visit our site and hope that you keep coming back. We have a lot of cool stuff in store. I also want to thank the following: Twilighters.org, Twilight Lexicon, Twilight Series Theories, BellaandEdward.com, Stay Twilight, Twilight Guy, and Three Chics and a Mic for covering our site. You don't know how much happiness you have brought to a little, broke down middle school in Suffolk, Virginia. It literally brings tears to my eyes. Please enjoy a video of me breaking the news to my students. 


From The Twilight Blogger -- said...

awesome.. i hope all of those 12000 people will write a letter :-)

WhoJackman said...

Well that gave me the goosebumps. Thanks for another shout out, I hope we did contribute to people checking out your awesome site and the amazing contributions of your students. It's great to see students so "plugged in" to their learning and that they see how much others value them and their perspectives. Keep up the great work Ms Truitt and her 8th Grade Class.
(Three Chicks and Mic and new members of the NN Forums)

PS Credit to the individual that suggested Flyleaf for the soundtrack. I now find myself humming that to myself all the time. A true indication that my visits have really impacted that hit number lol.

sandi said...

awesome on the hits!

and I love the exuberance of middle schoolers.

Kori said...

Yay, congratulations!!!