Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight Tuesday "...You can google it!"

Let me let you in on a little secret...prepare yourself... teachers are just as ready for summer vacation as the students are!!!! We can't wait in fact. Even though we will dearly miss you (and yes I mean that...look for a post later this week about saying good-bye to my Twilighters) we look forward to some rest and relaxation. Unless you are like me who has ONE day off before starting work on curriculum committe, writing a book (one that I will probably never be brave enough to send to a publisher), running a Twilight fan site and trying to keep Twilight websters interested in it (that means keep coming back and tell your friends about Novel Novice), and finishing your masters. Some people just aren't happy unless they are extremely busy. Today while taking a break from cleaning out my classroom, I stumbled onto Twilight Tuesday. Yes, we ALL already knew about the Cullen Crest...but I was not prepared for another scene reveal. I want to know your thoughts on this week's Twilight Tuesday! What do you think of the Cullen Crest? Do you like the greenhouse scene? Comment away my friends!!!!

Click here to read the article AND see the video concerning the Cullen Crest


Phinecia said...

I like the greenhouse scene. It helps explain things that are going on in Bella's head. The movie has to find a way to get what's in Bella's head out to the audience and I think that works. I'm not too fond of the crest. The Cullen's are all about anonymity and not standing out. I think the crest would make them special and noticable.

Kacy~Totally loves Twilight~ said...

I like the greenhouse scene even though im disappointed there taking some of the parts out i still like it its different! I do like the crest even though i do agree with phinecia that it makes them stand out but i like the look of it!!

LupsandTnks said...

It may make them stand out, but not if anyone knows what its for. If you haven't noticed, people don't go up to Emmett, pull on his wrist and look at it. "Oh em gee, you guys all have like the same symbol somewhere on your body." Personally I don't think they'd notice. It's something that I feel connects each of them, makes them feel more like family and not a bunch of vampires claned together. I think it was an awesome idea.
They can give Edward humour! "Watch where you walk, sometimes it helps." And the whole Google part made me laugh. I kinda did the same thing with the title of my blog but I said "Crest... or Crust?" Because that's what Jackson said there. :P
I can't wait to see this movie!

Roxie said...

I loved this scene! It was so funny, it made me laugh just like I did at the books--And to me, that's the most important part--That they capture the spirit of the books..I think they've got it down and under tight control!

the Google bit, the Floridian bit..it all fits. I can completely see Edward & Bella saying that.

I don't mind the cuts...if you can tell it also appears they've cut out the first dance and have just decided to focus on the prom. This was a really good decision to me. Two dances in the film would've been too much time and possibly confusing. Besides, Bella actually GOES to the prom! Who cares about a dance she never attends? Nice job y'all!

Broadway Katie said...

I thought that all of it was AWESOME! The scene was different while still being completely true to the characters and to the book itself. I loved it and can't wait to see it on the big screen!!!