Monday, June 30, 2008

More Monday News....

*The Twilight Lexicon has posted some scans of Kristen Stewart in Vanity Fair. This is a big issue, we are very excited for Kristen. Check it out here.

*BellaandEdward has posted a promotional poster given out at a book show, check it out here.

Summer reading List

This is a reminder that we are currently reading Laurie Halse Anderson's Speak. I just finished it and it is fantastic. Its use of voice, and the narator's comments about teachers are pretty amusing. You have till July 13th to finish the novel, it is really short, especially in comparision to Twilight. Also, if Speak isn't your cup of tea, next we will be reading Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream. I will be posting a link to various on-line texts of this play this evening, if you want to get started on that. P.S two of the Twilight staff moderators have recomended Evernight by Clauida Grey. I will let you know how I like it.

Twilight the Musical

I love students who get creative, go beyond the simple project to really encompass all that their talents can create. That is why I am posting this video. It cracked me up, and I love how "seriously" they take themselves. I hope you enjoy it as well.

Monday's Twilight News

* We still need your help with our Project Twilight Contamination. I have tried to get some of the bigger sites to mention this, but it hasn't exactly worked out. So that means YOU, yes YOU, need to go spread the word. I can't express enough how much donating one book to a libabry will effect it. Go watch the explantion video here.

*The Twilight Lexicon has some great information about Meyer's books on top ten lists from around the world, check it out here.

*His Golden Eyes is reporting that Breaking Dawn will be 768 pages long. While this has not been confirmed, it sounds like lit goodness to me.

*BellaandEdward is reporting that new images of Robert have sprung up on-line.

*If you are a fan of Twilight Series Theories and I most certainly am, go check out their neato new widget.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Read? - Twilight Style!

Our next victim, I mean honored guest, is no other than Be My Escape from everyone's fav Twilight Lexicon. She is the person behind the Summer School postings over at the Lex which just happen to be my fav thing they have posted on there so far! Yay Twilight and Education! Enjoy!

1) What were your experiences with literature growing up? Were you always an avid reader?
Growing up I loved to read however I didn't learn how to read on my own until I was in Kindergarten. I remember being angry that my friend could read on his own and I couldn't so my grandmother practiced with me everyday until I could do it on my own. I loved to read Anne of Green Gables, Little house on teh Praire, and Sweet Valley High(everyone should have a guilty pleasure) when I was younger. I actually stopped reading for a while when I was in college because I was too busy doing college work. I wasn't always an avid reader but since I have found Twilight I actually have found a new for reading adn Young Adult literature.

2) What was your favorite book growing up and why?
My favortie book when i was little was Anne of Green Gables. I loved pretending to be Anne and experiencing all the different things she went through.

3) What first drew you to the Twilight series?
The cover of the book. m I must ahve walked by the book 5 times and everytime I picked it up because of the cover. I was hesitant about the vampires but I am glad I bought it in the end.

4) What is your favorite book of the series so far and why?
It is so hard to decide. I like them all so so many different reason. Twilight is the beginning of it all you would be no where without it, New Moon gives a Jacob and I just love him as a character even though I don't believe he belongs with Bella, and then there is Eclipse which shows us so much more about each character.

5) What books besides Twilight would you recommend to young adults?
I recently read a new vampire book called Evernight by CLaudia Gray. It is very interesting and has a twist I didn't see coming.

Twilight - The dance?

I stumbled upon this great video and had to share it. The video was created by an AP English class and it interprets and summarizes the Twilight story in a very interesting way--through interpretative dance. I think it is really cute, and this is exactly the kind of stuff we are all about here at Novel Novice. Enjoy!

Sunday's Twilight News!

*The time span to answer our discussion questions over on our forum has been extended a week. So if you haven't answered them yet, go here, and answer the questions for week 3. Also,check back tomorrow morning for Twilight Source's answers to the questions.

*We still need you to join our cause, watch our Project Twilight Contamination Video, and send us an e-mail saying you want to be invovled.

*Thank you to everyone who has answered my desperate call for staff . I will be making a post about that as well tomorrow.

*Don't forget to enter your submissions for Twilight Mom's design an apron contest. Click here for more details.

*BellaandEdward need some help coming up with some trivia questions for their Breaking Dawn release party, help them out here.

* has an interview with the actor playing Phil. Check it out here.

*Everything Twilight is reporting on some neato Edward Cullen dolls that you can purchase.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Why Read? Twilight Style!

Twilight websites and The Twilight Lexicon go together like peanut butter and jelly, summer and the beach, Edward and Bella. Of course it makes sense for us to ask some of their moderators our Why Read questions. Please enjoy Pel's answers below:

1) What were your experiences with literature growing up? Were you always an avid reader?

Growing up the Scolastic Book club was big. My sister and I used to get $5.00 each whenever the new flyer came out (probably like $20.00 in today's terms), we would pool our money and plot which books we would get. Unfortunately when I got to high school there was so much school involved reading I never seemed to have time to pleasure read, so my reading really slacked off there as far as the enjoyment factor went. In college I had the same situation, I was an English major so I read a lot, but not persay what I was really interested in (Loved Jane Austen, hated the Brontes). I was very involved in the drama club and found myself reading a lot of plays. I pretty much continued that trend out of college and read plays and entertainment based books for a long time.
2) What was your favorite book growing up and why?
In elementary school (my school was grade 1-8) my favorites were the Little House on the Prairie Series and the Chronicles of Narnia. I must have reread each series a jillion times. I also got into the Chronicles of Prydain later on. I tend to like historical stuff or fantasy. I'm not really that into stories that take place in modern times unless there is a fantasy hook.
3) What first drew you to the Twilight series?
Honestly, Lori nagging me to read it. I really don't like vampires as a general rule. If Lori hadn't nagged me I wouldn't have picked it up, but I'm glad I did. If the characters weren't so compelling, or if it were very gory I wouldn't like it.

4) What is your favorite book of the series so far and why?
My favorite is Eclipse because I think Bella Edward and Jacob finally understand each other, they may not like each other, but I think they understand each other and what it's like to walk in the other person's shoes.

5) What books besides Twilight would you recommend to young adults besides the Twilight series?
I'm really into the fantasy genre, defintely the Rangers Apprentice series by John Flanagan. I got the first book right after it came out and the whole family got hooked. There are four books out in the US and more in Australia. We couldn't wait and ordered more from Australia. It's set in what is a mythical Medieval setting with a bit a fantasy and magic but not too much. I think both boys and girls would like the book.

As far as historical, I have some favorites there too. Absolutely the Anne of Green Gables series (Stephenie Meyer is a big fan too) has some wonderful characters. I also love Little Women, which is one of my favorite books ever! I think there's realy something for everyone in Little Women.

If people want to go the play reading route, I recommend the Brighton Beach Series by Neil Simon
~Thanks Pel!

Meet Fridays Team Twilighter Member -Bree Cullen

Yes, I know its Saturday and we are introducing you to Friday's team Twilight member. We are doing this because 1) The Friday video was posted too late for us to post over here. 2)Saturday's video has a bit of cussing in it. Its a GREAT video but can't really post on here at Novel Novice. You can check it out here.

Saturday's Twilight News

* If you haven't watch our Project Twilight Contamination Video, do so now...right now...scroll play...and join our team! OR you can simply click here, we really need your help to make this work!

Just added: I stumbled upon a blog that has posted some on-set pictures of Rob's film Little Ashes. And since I am still a Team Edward fan, I thought I would share. Click here for the Spunk Ransom goodness.

*The Twilight Guy has read chapter 20. Click here to read his oh-so-witty remarks. Also, he is running a Twilight theme song contest, go suggest your song choice there. Don't forget to vote in our very own New Moon Song Contest!

*You know how we love lit here at Novel Novice, here is an article about the growing fantasy genre for young adults. Thanks to the Lex for posting this information.

*If you thought Team Edward and Team Jacob day was good, check out Action Figure Friday over at Twilight Moms. I love this site! They are truly a creative group of amazing moms!!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Staff Needed

I am officially overwhelmed. I adore this site and working on it, but am starting to feel it is too much work to do all on my own. I tend do this a lot in life. Hence working on my masters, teaching, writing, and running two after school clubs all at the same time. I feel like there are so many wonderful things going on here at Novel Novice. We have our new Project Twilight Contamination up and running, the Twilight Yearbook staff hard at work, Team Edward and Team Jacob Political Contest. I want to focus on showcasing writings concerning Twilight and its impact. AHHHH!!!! I have a million and one ideas going through my head. I think we do a lot of things here that no other site does. Trust me, I love me some Twilight websites, but I like to think we are a pretty unique little site. Not to mention, I think for the most part we are pretty up to date on the Twilight news front. So cutting a long, and hopefully not senseless ramble, short--I need help. Our site visits have really gone down, and I worry that all of the hard work that everyone is doing to help with our projects is not perhaps getting the recognition it deserves. I want your suggestions. How can we improve our site? I also need help. I am looking for two to three people who will help me manage projects, design banners and graphics, and help me manage the publicity of such an endeavor. Please comment and leave your suggestions and if you are interested in a staff position then please e-mail me at

and to cheer myself up, I am posting some really cute pictures that were sent in:

Team Jacob Day!

Today's Team Jacob political video was created by bibiliotina. Enjoy! This video makes me feel a little for Jacob. Could I bet switching sides? Oh no, Team Edward fans! What videos will you send us to bring my vote back your way for next week? Check out this week's Team Edward video here.

Friday's Twilight News

*Yay for Team Jacob Day. But if for some reason you missed our Team Edward video, check it out here.

*If you haven't watched our video for Project Twilight Contamination, do so now and join the project. Go tell your friends, favorite twilight websites, and anyone you can think of who might be interested about what we are trying to do!.

*Greetings from Twilight has posted a funny new video about  the difficulties of shooting as a result of the crazy weather.

*There is a great new site out there and you should check it out-Everything Twilight.

*Didn't get tickets to see Meyers in New York? Heres your chance to win them.

*BellaandEdward has a new layout AND a new interview with the actress playing Angela. 

*Twilight Moms have updated their Mini-Monday series and its hilarious. If you have not seen this segment before, check it out. 

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Project Twilight Contamination

After watching the video, you might have some questions so here goes-

There are 2 ways you can become involved:

1) Donate a Twilight book
A) E-mail us at for an entry form, fill out the form, stick the form securely on the inside cover of the book and donate the book to the local library.

B) E-mail us at for an entry form, fill out the form, stick the form securely on the inside cover of the book, and leave the book in a public place, i.e-on the subway.

FOR OPTIONS A AND B) You will receive a confirmation code to put on your form. If someone reads your donated book from the library, or finds your book, the entry form will instruct them to e-mail us at Novel Novice with their thoughts. This way we can track the progress of the project.

2) Join our graphics department

A) Help us create clothing items to sell on cafepress. All proceeds will go to charities that deal with teaching reading and running reading programs in low income areas.

If you are interested e-mail us for more information and an entry form. I really hope we can make this project a success. Go tell all your friends, your favorite Twilight sites, and that annoying neighbor down the is Project Twilight Contamination Time!

Why Read? - Twilight Style!

We continue our discussion regarding reading with an interview from the moderator of one of my personal favorite Twilight websites! So sit back and take a few mintues to get and know Jenny from the oh-so-glorious BellaandEdward!

1) What were your experiences with literature growing up? Were you always an avid reader?
I have always been an avid reader. I grew up reading all the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Goosebumps books. I also read Mallory Towers, St. Clare's... I'm seeing an Enid Blyton theme here. My parents read a lot, and always encouraged it, and reading was always one of my favourite hobbies.

2) What was your favorite book growing up and why?
My favourite was probably the Famous Five series. I thought they were the best books ever written, and loved the characters. The stories were all so clever and engaging, and really exciting for an eight year old. They also taught me a bit about earlier years in the UK, in the way the characters spoke and their mannerisms.

3) What first drew you to the Twilight series?
The fact that it had vampires in it! I love anything supernatural/vampire related, so when my friend at work recommended it, I didn't even think twice about reading it. Also, the cover certainly helped - it's so nice to look at.

4) What is your favorite book of the series so far and why?
Twilight! There's something about it that is just more addictive than the others - at least for me, anyway. It's the start of it all, and though it may not be the best written in the Saga, I think it has the best content (Pure Edward & Bella... what more could I ask for?).

5) What books besides Twilight would you recommend to young adults besides the Twilight series?
I could recommend hundreds of titles... but my favourites are: 'I Am Legend' by Richard Matheson (adult book, but suitable for teens), The Maximum Ride series by James Patterson, The Georgia Nicolson series by Louise Rennison, 'Eragon' by Christopher Paolini, Harry Potter, the Jessica Darling series by Megan McCafferty, and a good one I discovered recently is 'Evernight' by Claudia Gray.

Meet Thursday's Team Twilighter Member -Sanne

Thursday's Twilight News

*Twilight Lexicon has posted another edition of their Summer School Session Series. This week's edition talks about how teachers are using Twilight in the classroom. Check it out here.

*In more news from the Lex, they have posted a video introducing you to everyone's favorite wolf pack!

*Twilight Series Theories has posted their latest podcast, this week discussing who they think will bite the big one in Breaking Dawn.

*We still need pictures of you with your Twilight books! Send them to

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Product Placement Thursday

Let me explain a little bit about this week's ad. My wacky students pondered the question- what if someone was crazy enough to bite a baby and turn it into a vampire? Then it would be stuck as a baby forever. So they came up with a product that would age the baby while keeping it immortal. Or so it seemed, when in reality it was a product designed by the wolf pack to kill vampires. Crazy? Yes. Entertaining? Always. I introduce Were-Squirrel Blood.

Meet Wednesday's Team Twilighter Member - Ashley

Team Twilighter is a Youtube channel that has challenged themselves to daily update their channel with videos from 8 different Twilight fans. I hope you enjoy meeting Ashley! 

Why Read? - Twilight Style!

One of the reasons this site was started was because I was amazed by the impact that Meyer's work had on students at my school, students who most wouldn't peg as serious readers. As I began work on creating this site, I learned there was a plethora of Twilighters out there who worked really hard to spread the word about this wonderful series, and as a result, spread the word about reading itself. I thought it might be a neat idea to ask some of those amazing Twilighters about their own experiences as readers. For the next couple days, we will be posting interviews with your favorite Twilight site moderators. They do such a brilliant job at keeping Twilight and reading always in our minds. Our first interview is with Kallie from Twilight Series Theories, enjoy:

1) What were your experiences with literature growing up? Were you always
 an avid reader?
 Actually, I was NOT a big reader until I got into college! (I did read
a little, but it wasn't a passion yet!) I hated reading textbooks, and
then I got into a Literature class where we really explored some great
classis novels, and I was hooked!

 2) What was your favorite book growing up and why?
 As a child I loved Shel Silverstein, and C.S.Lewis. I also loved
reading those books where you got to pick the outcome of the chapter and
skip around in the book! (I cannot remember the name of them for the
life of me! LOL!) When in college, I fell in love with everything Jane
Austen! I enjoy reading almost everything now... for some reason I just
can't get into self-help books!

 3) What first drew you to the Twilight series?
 My sis-n-law! She is a J.H.S. teacher, and fell in love with the books
after hearing about them through the grapevine! She told me about them,
since we share a love for the Harry Potter books. I read them so we
would have something to talk about over the Christmas break, and read
them all in four days! It overwhelmed me how much I could relate to a
character in a book (Bella)! I felt something similar when reading
Pride and Prejudice with Liz. Stephenie Meyer was given a gift with
this story and I am so glad she shared it with all of us!

 4) What is your favorite book of the series so far and why?
 Ooooooo... toughie! I am going to say Twilight! I fell in love with
the story and characters from the beginning! In the beginning there was
so much to relate to, and the book left the ending open to the reader...
I imagined her being bitten!

 5) What books besides Twilight would you recommend to young adults?
 Wow! I would have to say that Pride and Prjudice is my favorite book!
My second favorite Jane Austen novel is Persuasion. I also have to say
I have read Little Women several times, it would have to be on my faves
list! I think it is very important to read the classics! (Not just
watch the movies! LOL!) Harry Potter is up there too! Any book that
pushes your imagination so far into a completely new world deserves

Thanks to Kallie for taking the time to answer our questions!

Wednesday's Twilight News

* We need pictures. Grab your camera your favorite Twilight book and send them to! We will be using them in our Project Twilight Contamination Announcement Video. Project Twilight Contamination is a charity project, so we need your help to make the announcement video the best it can possibly be. So send those pictures! 

* We are excited to announce that the 15th of each month will now be Twilight - A History Lesson Day. As a result of the overwhelming response to our Happy Birthday Edward-A History Lesson video, we will be continuing our historical look at characters and events from the Twilight series. Our next video will focus on the courting practices of the early 20th century, which is just a fancy way of saying dating. The month after will focus on women's rights and marriage, a la Rosalie. So we hope you are as excited as we are about this.

*If you haven't noticed its Team Edward day!

*Everyone's fav human Mike Welch recently gave an interview to The SciFi World, go check it out. 

*The totally awesome moms over at Twilight moms have updated you on all the projects you can see our favorite Twilight stars in, check it out here. 

*BellaandEdward have posted some scans of the Twilight article in PopStar magazine. The article leaves something to be desired, but the pictures are pretty exciting!

Team Edward Day!

Everyone's favorite day, unless you are a Team Jacob fan, which means your favorite day would be on Friday--Team Edward day! Check out this week's dazzling Team Edward video created by a Novel Novice friend, DazzledbyEdward11. We hope you enjoy, and don't forget we will be posting Team Edward stuff all day! If you have something for our Team Edward v Team Jacob political campaign send it to

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Twilight fans we need your help. Novel Novice is getting ready to introduce a really neat project -- Project Contamination. It sounds scary, but I promise you, its gonna be good. But I do need some help. I need pictures of fans with their Twilight books for the project announcement video. So if you have a camera ready--grab one of your Twilight books, snap a shot, and send your pictures to Check back Saturday for the announcement video. I know we have a lot of stuff going on here at Novel Novice. I am just one teacher who can't do it on her own. Thank you to all who help make this site great! I couldn't do it without you!

Meet the first member of Team Twilighter

As promised, we are posting Team Twilighter's videos right here on Novel Novice. I am a monthly correspondent for the team, but don't think that is starting till next month. This week's videos introduce you to the Twilight team - meet Katie Cullen

Team Edward Day Preview

I warned you of the cute-ness that was coming last week. I now present a Team Edward political poster made by one stupendous fan- Sara! Sara has also created a Team Edward button and bumper sticker, but we will reveal those tomorrow. Please let Sara know how much you enjoy these by leaving a comment. Don't forget our Team Edward video will be posted tomorrow. 

More Twilight News....

* I am not sure if this has been mentioned on another site, or if this is old news, but has some still frames of their visit to the Twilight set. Check them out here.

*BellandEdward, a great site for news, has reported that CosmoGirl has posted a short article concerning the Twilight frenzy and the casting of Edward.

*Twilight fans do it again. Go and check out where Kristen Stewart ranked on TMF's list of hottest young actresses. I will give you a guess, it comes before 2. 

Twilight Tuesday

Mission control can you read me... Larry is heading to space, a place of Twilight awesome-ness apparently. Check out Larry's Twilight Tuesday blog where he talks about the oh-so-amazing ways in which the Twilight community has embraced him!

Also click below to watch Taylor (Jacob) discuss Bella's truck on the video and muse about obtaining his own driver's license. My very first car was a perfect! Leave a comment and let us know what you think about this week's Twilight Tuesday!!!!

Team Edward Preview

Click on the image to make it larger! (I fixed the earlier problem, you should be able to click on it now to see this glorious Pro-Edward picture better now)

As you all know, tomorrow is Team Edward day! Edward fans everywhere may rejoice and speak his name proudly. On Tuesdays we like to showcase some of our Team Edward submissions that do not fall under the video category. This pro-Edward print ad was created by a fan named Gillian. Please enjoy and check back later this evening for some more pro-Edward materials. If you have any pro-edward ads, please e-mail them to

Tuesday's Twilight News

* Make sure you stop by Peter Facinelli's MySpace, befriend him, and leave Novel Novice's url in the comment box! Check in the post below for more information.

*There have been some pretty great updates over at Twilight Guy, go check them out.

*If you participated in the Twilight Hand Campaign, The Twilight Lexicon is collecting pictures for a video. If you have no idea what I am talking about, click here.

*Click here to find out information about our summer reading fun-ness and how you can be a part of it.

Peter Facinelli Contest

*Peter Facinelli, a.k.a Carlisle, is running a new contest over at his myspace page. Click on the picture below and follow the following rules. Doing so could help Novel Novice get their first Twilight interview:

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE: When you refer friends over to Peter’s page, be sure to tell them to add your web site or MySpace URL in the small “message” area on the friend request. This is how we are going to keep track of the referrals. Please note that if you have the banner posted on more than one MySpace or web site, that you inform your friends which url or profile name you want used. I will not be tallying your totals from various sites and pages. It’s up to you to make sure your referrals are only using one URL.
4. Referrals stating that Tom, Dick or Harry sent you will not count. I am only looking for a profile or website URL. Do not post just the site name either. I need a URL. Any other entry will simply be…just another friend request.
5. The contest runs from Midnight, Tuesday June 24, 2008 until July 3, 2008 at 11:59pm. Winners will be contacted after all submissions are tallied. Also, please be patient and allow an adequate time to process all incoming friend requests. Mistakes can happen when URL’s are very similar, and I don’t want to run in to any confusion.

So help Novel Novice out, read over the rules, and let them know Novel Novice sent you. Don't forget to place our URL in the proper section. Don't you think it would be super duper cool if Novel Novice got an interview?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Discussion Forum Monday Part 2

Our second question surrounded the entire Twilight series itself: What is your favorite scene from the series so far? Enjoy and leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite scene has been. Remember you can click here or on our side bar to join our forum. This week's questions will be posted on Wednesday.

Fan Spotlight

Here at Novel Novice we like to spotlight some pretty amazing Twilighters. This Twilight fan was a huge help to Novel Novice about 30,000 hits ago. Back in our early days, we asked for help designing a banner and button for our site. Tara graciously offered. So if you like our awesome banner, take a second to read her story and leave a comment. Also, she has started her very own Twilight adventure, so make sure you check it out. We will be adding her to our link family very shortly.

Hey guys! My name is Tara and I'm from Oklahoma. I am 23 years young and I LOVE TWILIGHT. Ha ha. Some of you may know me as "the girl that did the Stephenie Meyer Appreciation Book" or "the girl that was Cullenizing pictures on MySpace". Anywho, I made the chalkboard banner and icon for the Novel Novice Twilight site. I saw she was looking for some and I wanted to try, so I did and by God she liked it. Here's a wee bit about me and my Twilighter-nyness.

About a year ago I picked up Twilight on a WalMart shelf, fell in love with it, bought the other two that weekend at B&N and was hooked for life. I was looking for somewhere online to share my love for the book and I stumbled across a MySpace that was a fan club. I added them and the rest is history. Long story short, they needed help, I volunteered, won a vote, got the job. That MySpace took off like a frickin' rocket and we were getting people left and right that wanted to be apart of it. It now has roughly 14,000 friends. It was getting a bit big, and I had so much information on it with the blogs, bulletins, pictures and etc.. that I knew I needed to expand outside of MySpace.. and that's where I'm at today. I have started a Fan Forum called the "Twilight Mafia: because when you mess with one, you mess with us all." I've been working on it for a while and just launched it yesterday morning. We already have close to 500 registered users. I am in shock and awe of that. I hope it continues to grow as fast as it has in just the first day. If you wanna check it out, go to So... there's my Twilight addiction and everything I'm apart of. I try to put myself in just about everything that us Twilighters do. That's what's so great about us fans, we get together and we can accomplish so much, ya know? We're like a big ol' family that sticks up for each other (hence the Twilight Mafia, lol). And if anyone is reading this and they're putting something together like a fan book, or video or whatever. . let me know! I'd love to be involved!!! And I'd like to end with the fact that I am really excited about Breaking Dawn and the movie. This year has been one of the best ones of my life and I can't imagine it ending any better then seeing my favorite book on the big screen. Thanks to Novel Novice for letting me be apart of her site and I hope to see you guys soon over at my forums!
Tara a.k.a. Mafia Mama

Discussion Forum Monday

Its that time of week again - Discussion Forum Monday. What is this? It is where Ms. Truitt rambles on about all things Twilight and marvels at the awesome forum posts submitted by the amazing Twilight fans here at Novel Novice. In our first installment the following question is posed: Do you think that there is any part of Bella and Edward's relationship that is unhealthy? Enjoy part one and come back later this evening to view part 2!

Connections to Twilight

The best stories are those stories that allow us to see a part of ourselves within the pages between the covers. The best literature is literature that we can relate to. I got an e-mail submitting a poem that I felt really connected to the themes presented in Twilight. The poet has asked to remain anonymous, but I think you can really see the Twilight connection. It speaks volumes for  Meyer's work and her ability to capture so well the idea of "first love."Its a really brave thing to let someone read your writing, I am still not brave enough to do it, so a huge thanks goes out to our poet! Please enjoy:

I need you to guide me, I feel so lost right now
Just hold my hand for a time
I need you near me to feel right
To hold me up when I’m down

Emptiness sure can fill me up
When you are not in my sight
For I need to see you
I feel so out of it when I don’t

Because I know its love
I can’t live without you
I want everyday to be with you
I want you to look in my eyes

Tell me you want me
You need me
Because god I need you
Want you

Please show me the way
The way to be with you now
For I don’t see you
You’re too far aways

Monday's Twilight News

*Our Novel Novice Discussion Forum Video Blog will be posted this afternoon!

*The polls have opened, go vote for your favorite New Moon theme song!

*Popstar On-line will feature an article on Twilight shortly, so make sure you check it out. For sure! ::::gum gets stuck in hair::::::

*Twilight Series Theories has reported that Twilight has made it onto the Netflick website. So go ahead , pre-order your Twilight just won't get it for months. But its nice to think about.

*We're using the buddy system ladies! Twilight Moms want to know about all the Breaking Dawn parties that Twilight Moms will be attending / throwing.

Fan Artwork

This beautiful picture was sent in by Rachel. She explains that it is a picture of Edward contemplating the choices he has made after he has left Bella. I find that the talent of Twilight fans is beyond compare. I hope you enjoy this picture. If you have any Twilight releated artwork, please e-mail us as

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Breaking Twilight News

* Actor Gil Birmingham has posted some really neat behind-the-scenes pictures from the Twilight movie set. I really enjoy the one of Robert and Taylor... ha Team Edward and Team Jacob fans fall down in shock!

Sunday's Twilight News

*The oh-so-helpful Twilight Lexicon is offering a place where fans can trade tickets in order to catch Stephenie's sessions with Blue October. I am very excited that I have two friends who will be attending the New York event and will be reporting their adventures right here for Novel Novice. If any of you fans are going and want us to post your story, give us a heads up at

*Make sure you stop by Twilight Series Theories and answer their question of the week. Their podcast are always amazing!

*Polls will open late tonight for our New Moon Theme Song Contest!

Summer Reading List

Novel Novice loves the reading! Yes, we are mega excited about the upcoming Twilight movie (trust me, I saw Titanic seven times in the theater when I was 14...I am excited about the movie), but we are more concerned with encourgaging reading. This summer we plan to read three books and discuss them on this site. All three of these books will relate to Twilight in some way. Our first book is Speak written by Laurie Halse Anderson. My rising eight graders have to read it over the summer. I picked it up and throughly enjoyed the first half. Its a short book but fits in well with the themes discussed in Twilight: What does it mean to be a teenage girl in modern society? How does one claim a sense of identity when teenage culture demands that everyone is the same? Also, Twilight's Kristen Stewart protrayed the main character in a television movie based on the book. So here is the deal: If you want to read this novel along with us, go pick it up.  Every sunday we will post discussion questions concerning the novel. The novel should be read in its entirety by Sunday, July 13th. For more information watch the trailer for the television movie below.  If you want to join our reading group, please leave a comment in the comment section letting us know you want to be apart of our reading adventure. 

No late work will be accepted....

This is a final reminder that answers to this week's discussion questions should be answered by this afternoon. I am going to create the video discussion blog this afternoon, so if you want your opinion included, click here, sign up, and post away. This week's questions are:

1) What is your favorite scene from the series so far and why?

2)Do you think there is any part of Bella and Edward's relationship that is unhealthy, especially for a teenager like Bella? Is Edward a tad bit controlling? What are the negative side effects of their relationship, if any?

Some of my student's responses to these questions are as followed:
Question 2:

"Sometimes, but maybe its merely because of the fact that Edward is a vampire and Bella is a human. He has to be aware at all times that he can kill her."~Sallie b

"No I don't think he is controlling, I just think he cares. I don't think anything is unhealthy."~ Christen

"Yes, he is a stalker. If I was Bella I would say, 'You're cramping my style' ."~Maurice

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Student Art Work - Clip Reaction

After showing my students the MTV Movie Awards clip of Twilight, one of my students proceeded to draw their own comic interpretation of the scene. I hope you enjoy. Gotta love the way middle school students see things! You may click on the picture to see it better. If you somehow missed the video posting of their reactions, go here to check it out! 

Novel Novice News Video Blog

Every weekend we update Twilighters with a short video concerning all the happenings at Novel Novice Twilight. This video is a little wacky. I have been prying wallpaper off walls for the past four hours. I am a little sleepy. I hope you enjoy. This week's edition talks about our Team Edward V Team Jacob contest, Twilight Yearbook, New Moon Theme Song Contest, and Twilight papers. If you have any suggestions or comments please leave them or e-mail us at

Saturday's Twilight News

*If you haven't noticed our playlist has been updated. I am slowly but surely uploading the complete list of finalists in our New Moon Theme Song Contest, so you can enjoy. I will announce the complete list of finalists and how you can vote during this weekend's Novel Novice News Video Blog  (which should be up by late tonight or tomorrow morning). 

*Time is running out on this week's discussion forum! Go here, sign up, and post your answers to this week's discussion questions. I will be making the discussion forum video blog tomorrow and need your input!

*The official Twilight movie page has uploaded some new pictures and is offering a new widget that will supply you will all the latest movie news!

*BiteofTwilight has announced their ten favorite Twilight love letters.

*Twilight Lexicon has updated their site with a new actor's spotlight. This week focuses on the actress who plays Angela. 

*Don't forget to order your Twilight Moms shirt before July 1st. I might need to get me one of those. That would be neat to wear around Chicago this summer, the birthplace of Edward, and would fit in perfectly with Novel Novice's new project - Twilight Project Contamination...oh wait, I have said too much! You will just have to wait till we announce this world-wide project next week!!!!

Fan Spotlight

Once a week, we like to spotlight one of you. One of the amazing twilight fans who help inspire us here at Novel Novice and continuously contribute to our site. I know we are a small site, so we need all the support we can get. Some of you have just been amazing. This fan is one of them. She always stops by, offers help with projects, constantly messages on our forum, and has her very own Twilight blog--which you should check out here. I now present LupsandTnks Twilight story:

My name is Kimberley, and of course I am an avid Twilighter. So, here's my story.

Back in April 2006, I was sitting with my best friend Caitlynn in art class. We were supposed to be painting, and she was painting a representation of a cover of a book. Up to that point, I was usually the one to recommend books to her. But, I had never seen this book before, so I asked her what it was about. She started getting into this whole fifteen minute praise of a book called Twilight. I read the first chapter then and there, and really wanted to read the rest. My birthday is at the beginning of July, but she bought that books for me a couple weeks later. I'm a pretty fast reader, so I had it done the next day. I remember taking it with me to the beach where we went sailing. I stayed on shore and read the book over and over. It's still my first copy, and the back of the hard cover is all scratched up from the rocks.

I'd have to say that Caitlynn and I were probably two of the first people to read it at my school, and now every girl and almost all the guys I know have read it.

I was at the store waiting the day New Moon came out, and that was the same week when I started my first fanfiction for Twilight. I usually wrote about Harry Potter, being because I was hooked on those books for years already, but I decided to take a shot at a Twilight fic. It automatically became popular.

Now, over two years later, I cannot go one day without writing a chapter for my fanfiction. I've even put my own novel on the back burner because of it. I have dozens of burned discs with songs that remind me of the series. My computer's hardrive has over 2000 pictures that fans have made and of the Twilight actors filming the movie. I'm always refreshing the pages of fansites just in case they've added more news.

I think it's safe to say that I am addicted, and I have my friend to thank. I've made it up to her though (I introduced her to a number of vampire novels). These are going to be the books I will read to my children.

Everyone at my school knows that I am the Twilight fan. I've started my own blog. It's not that popular, but it give me a place to rant about the books I love.

I have read so many books. My 6 foot tall book shelf is so full that I have to resort to piling books on the floor. Twilight and the rest of the series, including Breaking Dawn, have a place on my motivation shelf. It's the shelf where I put books that have changed my life. Growing up I had a pretty dramatic childhood. I grew up literally trying to hide from my alcoholic father. He'd always come though, like the boogey-man, I was afraid of him, but he would pick up my sister and brother and I and we'dgo to his run down house all the time. In middle school I ended up hanging out with 18-year-olds and other lost souls.

From Twilight I learned that fear is only something we create. Bella is not afraid of vampires or werewolves, her mind tells her that she doesn't have to fear the Cullens. I didn't have to be afraid of making friends at my new school when I moved acoss the country. Twilight has been a shared loved among many people who I've become close friends with. I guess you could say that Twilight is the reason why I want to be a writer. I want my novels to change people's lives just like Stephenie Meyer has

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Birthday wishes...

Team Twilighter has posted a really cute video for Edward's birthday! Enjoy!

In honor of Team Jacob day and Edward's Birhday...

I present a gift that will make both fans of Jacob and Edward  happy! I recieved an e-mail from a Twilight fan named Sara with some amazing Team Edward and Team Jacob political buttons, which you will have to wait until next week to see! But trust me, they are awesome and you are going to love them! I got another e-mail this afternoon with the most amazing banner ever! I adore it!!!! Twilight fans never cease to amaze me. So in honor of it being both Team Jacob day and Edward's birthday I  am posting this amazing banner right here! You can click on the picture to make it bigger. If you have no idea what our Rock the Vote: Team Edward V Team Jacob is about click here for more information!

Twilight Yearbook Staff

I am beyond excited to announce our Twilight Year One Yearbook staff. I want to thank everyone who responded to the call. I truly wish I could of picked everyone! The list is still rather large! I will be e-mailing all of you  on the team with further instructions and questions. I can't wait to get started. In the e-mail we will discuss timelines, positions, and themes. I will have the e-mail to you by Sunday morning at the latest. I just purchased my first home and am moving out this weekend, so bear with me a little. Thank you to all who support Novel Novice Twilight!
Katie Jo
Our very own JFk representative Kacy A
Pilar A
Kim F
Adele W
Carol H
Taylor H
Michelle Y
Kori B
Brooke A
Leana P

I also will be posting some of your awesome submissions sporadicaly over the next week ;-)

Team Jacob Day!

How ironic that today of all days is Team Jacob day! But what do you expect? I am a teacher, and an English teacher at that, we tend to LOVE irony. Enjoy today's Team Jacob video created by GFTiff. I actually recieved via e-mail some of the coolest Team Edward artwork, but will have to wait to post it till our next Team Edward day. Teachers should not show favorites, but be excited. Remember if you have any writing, photos, videos you can e-mail them to or post them on our You Tube page.

Friday's Twilight News

*First we must of course wish Happy Birthday to everyone's favorite fictional vampire: Edward Cullen! Go and check out The Twilight Lexicon's list of 107 reasons why Twilight fans adore Edward Cullen! Check out number 36! You should also check out the video posted with this news update! P.S - Did you know today is the longest day of sunlight of the year - He is extra dazzle-y today!!!!

* is reporting that Iclips will be broadcasting live Stephenie Meyer's awesome concert/signing events!

*Yearbook staff will be posted this afternoon. I promise! 

*Don't forget to stop by our forum and answer this week's discussion questions. You might just make our video blog! (Week 2 questions!). 

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Edward- A History Lesson!!

Novel Novice Twilight is all about the learning. Mix learning and Twilight together and you have a lovely feast of knowledge to devour. In honor of Edward's 107th birthday, which is actually tommorrow morning, we present our gift to all the Novel Novice websters- a video blog entitled "Happy Birthday Edward - A History Lesson." The blog discusses the major events that took place during Edward's natuaral lifetime: the progressive period, the rise of crime in Chicago, The Great War, and the Spanish Influenza. So go tell all your friends and your favorite fellow Twilight websters, that school is in session. We hope you enjoy!

More Thursday Twilight News and Assignment!!

Its been a busy day in the Twilight world.

*Twilight Lexicon has started their Summer School series which examines the ever-growing relationship between Twilight and education! Since this is exactly the purpose of this site, go check it out!

Speaking of school and Twilight. We are finally ready to announce our first paper topic. Thats right, we want to feature your writings on all things Twilight. Once the topic is posted you will have three weeks to send yours in, before we move onto a new topic. You can send yours in anytime before then. Papers should address the topic question and should be edited before submission. If you use outside sources (i.e quotes from the Twilight books or quotes from other novels) you should properly cite these sources. If you are unsure how to do this, please e-mail your papers to us, and we will be happy to assist you. Now for our first topic:

Stephenie Meyer's creation of the anti-hero Edward, often described as perfect, raises questions concerning the evolution of the male lead character in the novel. Is Stephenie creating a new modern day definition of the male protagonist or is she merely re-vamping the classic archetypal male hero: i.e Mr. Darcy etc....


Thursday's Twilight News

*We have fallen in the topsites ranking! Lets get us back up there. Go tell all of your friends about this site, and all the cool stuff you are helping us do over here. Go now. Extra credit points I promise!

*BiteofTwilight has an interview with Justin Chon, go check it out here. 

*Stephenie Meyer's website has updated concerning products connected to the release of the Twilight movie. Product Placements you say? Check ours out below!

*Oh the Cullen Crust...I mean Crest... check out some information about the designer here!

*And who says books don't have the power to move people. Check out this wonderful story over at Twilight Guy.

*BellaandEdward report that the Twilight trailer is the most watch trailer on IMDB. You know what that means? Go check it out again!

*Twilight Moms is the most awesome of awesome! They report on happenings at Novel Novice without us even having to grovel to ask. They are beyond amazing! Thank you for the support. I think Novel Novice might just have to do something to thank you....:::: runs off into the bat cave:::::.

*Later tonight Novel Novice will be presenting a special and educational video for Edward's birthday! So come back and check it out!

*Yearbook staff will be announced tomorrow.

*Don't forget to stop by our forum and answer our discussion questions of the week!

We will be updating this news feed all day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Product Placement Thursday!

This week's edition of Product Placement Thursday is for the product "Anti-Werewolf Collar," for keeping away that pesky werewolf who won't stop reminding you that deep down somewhere, you love him too!  Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks! Gotta love the wit of my kids, and the ability to teach mass media strategies AND talk about Twilight at the same time!

Fan Artwork

An amazing and super creative Twilight fan sent us some pictures of a really neat Twilight releated peice that she created. I personally didn't know students made these anymore; I have yet to see one at my school! I use to make them all the time when I was in school, so I got really excited when I opened this e-mail! Its a Breaking-Dawn fortune-teller! I think it is super cute!

To make your own Breaking Dawn Fortune-Teller, Sara B has suggested you use the following outcomes on the inside flaps:
1)Bella will be changed in a life or death situation by Edward
2)Jacob will imprint on someone new introduced and Bella will be jealous
3)Tanya will come and cause major problems in Edward and Bella's relationship
4)The volturi will come and try to finish the Cullens off because they see them as a threat
5)Bella's gift as a vampire will be that she does not like human blood
6)Charlie will find out the truth about EVERYTHING!
7)Cullens and wolves will team up again
8)Denali clan will want revenge on the wolves for killing Laurent

Thanks Sara B for your amazing contribution! Please post a comment and let Sara know what you think of her work!
If you have any Twilight releated artwork or projects that you would like Novel Novice Twilight to feature, please e-mail them to

Twilight Discussion Forum Questions Week 2

Today we are posting this week's Twilight Discussion Forum questions! This is our second week running this program, so we hope you will hop over to our forum and sign up if you are not already a registered user. Post your answers to the discussion questions there and you might just get mentioned on our Discussion Forum Video Blog (which is posted on Monday). You can reach the forum by clicking on the below picture or on the same picture on the sidebar of this site! This week's questions are:

1) What is your favorite scene from the series so far and why?
2) Do you think there is any part of Bella and Edward's relationship that is unhealthy, especially for a teenager like Bella? Is Edward a tad bit controlling? What are the negative side effects of their relationship, if any?

Team Edward Day!

Today is Rock the Vote day here at Novel Novice Twilight - a day where we celebrate the battle between those on Team Edward and those on Team Jacob. Wednesdays are devoted to our man of stone-Edward, and Fridays to our furry little friend-Jacob. Today's video comes from DazzledByEdward11. The video counts down the top twenty reasons why you should love Edward. If you are a Team Edward supporter leave us a comment explaining your number one reason for loving Edward. 

Wednesday's Twilight News

*Twilight Lexicon broke the news that Itunes is offering a free download of Kristen Stewart's movie Cutlass. Gotta love apple :-)

*No one loves the ability of books to inspire more than Novel Novice Twilight. Click here to read about the project Give Blood: Carlisle Would Approve.

*One thing you learn as a teacher is to truly reach students you must teach across subject lines. Never would I have been clever enough to connect Twilight and alternative energy. Click here to read the article.

*Awww widgets...even the name sounds cute. Click here to get you very own Twilight widget. 

*Stephenie Meyer's page is updated with info concerning the cover of Breaking Dawn!

*Twilight Series Theories has a new interview with the actor playing Sam. Check it out!

*Check back later today for the posting of this week's discussion questions and how you can be a part of our video blog!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Team Edward Preview

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is officially Team Edward day here at Novel Novice Twilight!  So go tell all of your friends to come back tomorrow and see our Team Edward Ad! As a little appetizer, I now present a Team Edward supporter's write-in plea:

EDWARD!!!! Bella should be with Edward. Jacob is ALL wrong for her. Edward is protective and helpful. He protects Bella and makes sure she is always safe. Edward keeps an eye on Bella 24/7 and hates to leave her alone unprotected. Although he left her once just remember he thought she would get over it, he wanted to keep her safe once again. He thought that he was putting her life in danger and therefore thought the only way to keep her safe was to leave her. And when he realized how much he had hurt her, he was quick to make sure he never left her again. The only time the two would be apart would be when he had to go hunting and that short time when Bella went home and made her way up to her bedroom. He has saved her life more than once, 6 times to be exact. He has saved her from the van, from the muggers, from James when they first met in the field, from James in the mirror room, from the Volturi, and from Victoria in the end of Eclipse. Jacob on the other hand has saved Bella’s life all of twice, one of which he had help. He saved her--with the rest of the wolves—from Laurent in the meadow, and he saved her when she went cliff diving.
There are also many more traits that make Edward better for her. Edward puts Bella’s happiness first, before his own making sure she does everything willingly and that nothing is forced upon her. But Jacob is the complete opposite. Jacob forcefully kissed Bella, and made her kiss him with her thinking he would stay and not fight. Jacob puts Bella through a lot of stress. He won’t give up and even though this can sometimes be a good trait, for Jacob it hurts and stresses out Bella. He keeps telling Bella he would be better for her, and that she has to think it through. Bella doesn’t need to think it through too much since her love for Edward is stronger than her love for Jacob. Jacob won’t take no for an answer and continues to stress Bella out. Jacob pushes Bella to make a decision but Edward just lets her make up her mind on her own terms. Edward is fine with whatever Bella chooses. If by some off chance Bella ended up with Jacob, Edward said he would have to live with it because Bella would be happy and that’s all he wants. He knows Bella would chose whatever is best and he will live with whatever her decision.

You mean there is more Twilight news this Tuesday....

I am still reeling from all the Twilight goodness that Larry has offered us today. Love it or hate it, its a pretty big scoop! But we also have some more goodies to tell you about-

*BellaandEdward have some amazing screen-caps of today's Twilight Tuesday installment. They never let us down do they????

*Read this exclusive interview with Justin Chon! Hey, anytime you want to stop by Novel Novice Justin, feel free!

*There is a super neat Twilight forum that you should all check out- Equinox Eterna : The Twilight Series Network

*Don't forget tomorrow is Team Edward V Team Jacob day. We will be posting our pro-Edward video as well as some of your written submissions.

*Keep those yearbook applications coming in! We will be announcing our Yearbook staff on Friday! 

*We are overwhelmed and thankful for all of your wonderful song suggestions for our New Moon theme song contest. We will be narrowing the over one hundred songs down to ten and announcing them during this weekend's Novel Novice Twilight News Update video blog. 

Twilight Tuesday "...You can google it!"

Let me let you in on a little secret...prepare yourself... teachers are just as ready for summer vacation as the students are!!!! We can't wait in fact. Even though we will dearly miss you (and yes I mean that...look for a post later this week about saying good-bye to my Twilighters) we look forward to some rest and relaxation. Unless you are like me who has ONE day off before starting work on curriculum committe, writing a book (one that I will probably never be brave enough to send to a publisher), running a Twilight fan site and trying to keep Twilight websters interested in it (that means keep coming back and tell your friends about Novel Novice), and finishing your masters. Some people just aren't happy unless they are extremely busy. Today while taking a break from cleaning out my classroom, I stumbled onto Twilight Tuesday. Yes, we ALL already knew about the Cullen Crest...but I was not prepared for another scene reveal. I want to know your thoughts on this week's Twilight Tuesday! What do you think of the Cullen Crest? Do you like the greenhouse scene? Comment away my friends!!!!

Click here to read the article AND see the video concerning the Cullen Crest

Twilight Discussion Monday Part 2!!!!

Yes, this was actually posted on Tuesday. In our defense, we were not planning on the video going so long it needed to be posted into two sections. You guys just provided so many wonderful answers in our forum, we couldn't resist. Enjoy our second section where we discuss Breaking Dawn predictions. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Remember we will be posting this week's questions tomorrow! Don't forget to join our forum!

Student Artwork....

Another lovely and insightful masterpiece from one of my students! I found this left behind on one of my desks. The culprit? Shay! Please enjoy her protrayal of one of the most famous love triangles in Young Adult history! You may click on the picture to see it better. If you have any Twilight releated artwork you would like to see posted on Novel Novice Twilight please e-mail us at

Monday, June 16, 2008

Twilight Discussion Monday Part 1 !!!!

In case you have been left in the dark, or are completely new to our site, last week we started a Twilight discussion forum. Which you can visit and join here. Each week we will post two Twilight discussion questions. On Monday, I will post a video blog in response to the questions and discuss the oh-so-awesome answers posted by our Twilight websters on our discussion forum. So what are you waiting for...check out this week's video blog discussion and let us know what you think of our responses! Also, go join the forum. Don't forget to check back on Wednesday for our new questions of the week! Part two of this discussion will be posted tomorrow morning!