Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday's Twilight News

* We still need your help with our Project Twilight Contamination. I have tried to get some of the bigger sites to mention this, but it hasn't exactly worked out. So that means YOU, yes YOU, need to go spread the word. I can't express enough how much donating one book to a libabry will effect it. Go watch the explantion video here.

*The Twilight Lexicon has some great information about Meyer's books on top ten lists from around the world, check it out here.

*His Golden Eyes is reporting that Breaking Dawn will be 768 pages long. While this has not been confirmed, it sounds like lit goodness to me.

*BellaandEdward is reporting that new images of Robert have sprung up on-line.

*If you are a fan of Twilight Series Theories and I most certainly am, go check out their neato new widget.

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