Saturday, June 21, 2008

Saturday's Twilight News

*If you haven't noticed our playlist has been updated. I am slowly but surely uploading the complete list of finalists in our New Moon Theme Song Contest, so you can enjoy. I will announce the complete list of finalists and how you can vote during this weekend's Novel Novice News Video Blog  (which should be up by late tonight or tomorrow morning). 

*Time is running out on this week's discussion forum! Go here, sign up, and post your answers to this week's discussion questions. I will be making the discussion forum video blog tomorrow and need your input!

*The official Twilight movie page has uploaded some new pictures and is offering a new widget that will supply you will all the latest movie news!

*BiteofTwilight has announced their ten favorite Twilight love letters.

*Twilight Lexicon has updated their site with a new actor's spotlight. This week focuses on the actress who plays Angela. 

*Don't forget to order your Twilight Moms shirt before July 1st. I might need to get me one of those. That would be neat to wear around Chicago this summer, the birthplace of Edward, and would fit in perfectly with Novel Novice's new project - Twilight Project Contamination...oh wait, I have said too much! You will just have to wait till we announce this world-wide project next week!!!!

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