Tuesday, June 17, 2008

You mean there is more Twilight news this Tuesday....

I am still reeling from all the Twilight goodness that Larry has offered us today. Love it or hate it, its a pretty big scoop! But we also have some more goodies to tell you about-

*BellaandEdward have some amazing screen-caps of today's Twilight Tuesday installment. They never let us down do they????

*Read this exclusive interview with Justin Chon! Hey, anytime you want to stop by Novel Novice Justin, feel free!

*There is a super neat Twilight forum that you should all check out- Equinox Eterna : The Twilight Series Network

*Don't forget tomorrow is Team Edward V Team Jacob day. We will be posting our pro-Edward video as well as some of your written submissions.

*Keep those yearbook applications coming in! We will be announcing our Yearbook staff on Friday! 

*We are overwhelmed and thankful for all of your wonderful song suggestions for our New Moon theme song contest. We will be narrowing the over one hundred songs down to ten and announcing them during this weekend's Novel Novice Twilight News Update video blog. 


Kacy~Totally loves Twilight~ said...

Yay thats me Haley and Abbys pic!! I cant wait for the New Moon theme song contest and cant wait to find out who the yearbook staff is!! =]

LupsandTnks said...

congrats on getting to number 11 on twilight topsites. I have just been accepted on the site, and am 136. We are practically neighbours. Hahaha.

Irene said...

Thanks, now we just have to keep us there! :-)
~Ms. Truitt