Friday, June 6, 2008

Breaking Dawn

I've held off on posting this because I wanted to give a majority of you a chance to read chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn before doing so. DO NOT CLICK ON VIDEO IF YOU ARE TRYING TO AVOID SPOILERS. There I warned you. Not my fault if you don't read the directions before starting the assignment (ha, ha teacher humor...ok, I'll stop now). Please enjoy my students' raw reactions to our sneak peak of Breaking Dawn. Of course we want to hear what you think! Did you like it? What questions were raised as a result of reading it? Did anything surprise you? Discuss...and you will be graded!!


Broadway Katie said...

TeeHee! That was kinda hilarious. INAPPROPRIATE!
But anyway, I pretty much freaked out. I was sad when Jacob came up, of course. I was laughing my behind off when Bella (ok, so it was more like Edward)told Charlie. I filmed while I was reading, but I somehow lost the footage :( All in all, a lot of awesomeness was in that chapter. And the preface-I was freaking out. Absolutely freaking out. I was like "OMC/OME/OMC/OME!!!NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY!" I was literally jumping up and down by the time I was done.
But anyway, I think you should post your student's responses to the cover... That is, if it's not too late. I know school got out for me today, but some people get out later... So if you still have time, you should post their theories about what the cover means.

Maria said...


I thought it was brilliant. It also shows Meyer's growing talent and ability to deal with exposition effectively.

Also,I thought it was a very touching moment where Renee redeems herself from being the flaky, irresponsible mom. She rests Bella's fears by telling her that Bella is not making her mistakes (which Bella GREATLY feared) that Bella is her own person--a teenager going on middleager!

I absolutely adored how Meyer dealt with Edward's "old fashioned" style w/o compromising the feminist ideals in the series. He says he will not ask permission b/c it would diminish Bella's own choice, instead he will ask for his blessing. I tell ya, I totally swooned at that point!

I also think the theory that Leah may have imprinted on Jacob just might be true..thinking of the way Bella and Leah are...not talking.

Roxie said...


Now you know my secret identity! I'm the vampire that turned Jasper!

hahaha, j/k.
I have many accounts

maria = roxie

Phinecia said...

I think my favorite part was the new car. . .missle proof glass, armour that can resist a tank. . . HA HA HA HA! Then Charlie's and Renee's reactions to the good news were of course classic. It was a little depressing with Bella thinking about Jacob though. I thought she would be over that now that she made her decision. I'm hoping it's just friend concern and nothing more. As for the preface, I'm EXTREMELY concerned! She could be talking about so many people. I'm sure most people think it's Edward changing her BUT it could be her giving her life for Jacob or Angela or Mike or Charlie or any number of others. SM is good at hooking you like that. AUGUST 2 CAN NOT GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!!!!

Ms.Truitt said...

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sandi said...

I got the link to your blog from TwilightGuy's blog. I am also a middle school teacher who loves Twilight (I got most of the girls in my school hooked)
I love this video!

Arent middle schoolers great? :)