Monday, June 9, 2008

Monday's Twilight News

*Novel Novice Twilight is excited to announce a new addition to our site--Twilight Papers! For all you literature lovin fools out there, we will be starting our own online showcase for all Twilight scholarly works. Do you want to explore themes concerning Meyer's definition of humanity throughout the series? Do you want to compare and contrast Meyer's allusions to great works of literature and her text as well? Good! Then we want your help. If you have any topic ideas, feel free to post here. If you have any papers you have already written that you feel are pretty good e-mail a brief summary to We hope to begin posting these by June 20. More information about this project will come later this week. 

*Exciting Twilight Tuesday reveal- Stephenie's website reveals that Twilight Tuesday over at MTV will revolve around her Breaking Dawn tour, and it sounds like its going to be pretty exciting. 

*The Movie-Fanatic has listed their top 20 young actresses and two of Twilight's stars have made the cut!

*There is an awesome up and coming Twilight site called Bite of Twilight running a really neat project. Go read about their letter-writing campaign here. We are also adding them to our affiliates. Yay for new friends :-)

*Reelz Channel has posted a pretty amusing Twilight guide. Thanks to Twilight Lexicon for breaking the news!

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