Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday's Twilight News

*Our Novel Novice Discussion Forum Video Blog will be posted this afternoon!

*The polls have opened, go vote for your favorite New Moon theme song!

*Popstar On-line will feature an article on Twilight shortly, so make sure you check it out. For sure! ::::gum gets stuck in hair::::::

*Twilight Series Theories has reported that Twilight has made it onto the Netflick website. So go ahead , pre-order your Twilight just won't get it for months. But its nice to think about.

*We're using the buddy system ladies! Twilight Moms want to know about all the Breaking Dawn parties that Twilight Moms will be attending / throwing.


kori said...

Hey Ms. Truitt, just wanted to let you know that with my computer at least, the forum is unavailable. It says it no longer exists...


hipmarye said...

I'm on top of it, thanks for the heads up!

hipmarye said...

PS here's a link to the TwilightMoms forum: