Saturday, June 28, 2008

Saturday's Twilight News

* If you haven't watch our Project Twilight Contamination Video, do so now...right now...scroll play...and join our team! OR you can simply click here, we really need your help to make this work!

Just added: I stumbled upon a blog that has posted some on-set pictures of Rob's film Little Ashes. And since I am still a Team Edward fan, I thought I would share. Click here for the Spunk Ransom goodness.

*The Twilight Guy has read chapter 20. Click here to read his oh-so-witty remarks. Also, he is running a Twilight theme song contest, go suggest your song choice there. Don't forget to vote in our very own New Moon Song Contest!

*You know how we love lit here at Novel Novice, here is an article about the growing fantasy genre for young adults. Thanks to the Lex for posting this information.

*If you thought Team Edward and Team Jacob day was good, check out Action Figure Friday over at Twilight Moms. I love this site! They are truly a creative group of amazing moms!!!!

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