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Anonymous said...

i definitely vote for Edward (even though he did leave her when he promised he wouldn't) none the less like Bella said herself she can live with not being with Jacob but without Edward she would die (i obviously rephrased her saying. lol)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sweden. I mean Jacob would never leave her. Even thoough he did, they weren't together. I mean Edward is just soo.... I don't know... annoying at times, and Jacob seems stalkerish at times. So Sweden. lol

Anonymous said...

i'm totally on team edward. jacob is too cocky for his own good. plus bella can't really stay with him because she can't turn into a werewolf where as with edward, she can turn into a vampire. jacob also gets really annoying and encourages bella to do stupid things.

Ms.Truitt said...

Great comments everyone, remember if you have any videos, artwork, writings, poetry...send them to to be considered part of the contest.

Meaghan said...

well i will say this if it would have ended with twilight we all wouldn't be having this discussion. edward is her true love and i think the only reason that jacob became an option is because edward left Bella, which made all of us cry our eyes out which i suppose was stephanie's purpose to the book the whole romeo and juliet thing. But thankfully neither of them killed themselves at the end of it. So of course i'm going to choose edward. Jacob and bella aren't meant to be anyways he never imprinted on her for one thing. so shes not his true love where as edward is hers.

edwardcullen4eva said...

here's a list to why!!!
-eats too much
-ugly [in my opinion]
-dosent reaallly care for her like edward would
-luvs bella...he was gonna kill himself if she wasnt alive
- will dooo anything
-cares for her
-it hurts him when she's upset.....the list for edward will go on but u can probably tell that edward is the best

Janice Googenstein said...

TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EDWARD! thats all someone has to say. Also by the way its switzerland.

Switzerland said...
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Switzerland said...

I'm going with Sweden! Jacob is great a guy, it just that he can get a little to annoying, and Edward, well after reading Midnight Sun chapter one, I completely understand why he's so caution with Bella. So Switzerland is the way for me!

Anonymous said...


He is soo much more understanding...
Edward loves Bella better than Jacob
He dosen't care if Bella chooses Jacob because all he wants is for her to be happy
Jacob is a selfish dog!

Anonymous said...

Team EDWARD!!! When you think about it, Edward loves Bella the most. When Jacob says that he won't cut Bella in half any more is totally bogus! He's making her chose between them. Edward would walk away if Bella didn't want him anymore. Edward all the way!!

Anonymous said...

I am absolutely, positively on Team Edward. He is her other half, and just like in romeo and juliet, they would both die for the other. They are obviously perfect for each other. Jacob is her best friend! I honestly don't think Bella would ever be completely happy with him.

Switzerland said...

Jacob did commit all of that, but in the end he tried to make-up for it in this only way. You got to give him atleast that much.

Abriana said...

i like jacob but id have to say edward. he loves bella in a way nobody else ever could. he went to italy to get himself killed bc he thought she killed herself for goodness sake =) so again Team Edward!! <3333

Jenny said...

i vote TEAM EDWARD!!! Even though bella can stay "human" with jake, she will always be in constant danger when with him and nothing can change that. but with edward, even though she is in danger with him as well, she can be changed and then no longer in harm. so Edward is her bast choice ;]]

raeroxsox said...

I'm on team Edward, if you really think about it edward was just doing all those things that us girls wish could happen to us. He swept Bella off her feet, he is proper, is looking out for her, protects her, doesn't care about his life and we know that with out edward Bella would die, Edward already told the volutri that he would turn bella into a vampire (i havent read book 3 yet, but if he hasnt already, The volutri will find bella and kill her because she knows their secret and they would be forced to kill edward again because he would feel sorry that he put bella through this. What im basically saying is that its too late for Bella and Edward to turn back and Jake and Bella have had too many fights to ever be in a relationship.

:D i love the twilight saga


deffinatly edward. i mean jacobs nice and all...but edward is just PERFECT for bella. and plus i thought..(correct me if im wrong)..werewolves imprinted on the person they would for sure fall in love with and be with forever. did jacob imprint bella?? I THINK NOT! so jacob is probably just wasting his time with bella..his true love is still out there. jeeezz...stupid wolf. im not saying i dont like jacob. i love him! he seems like he would be the perfect best friend. i think he is sweet and caring and i would love to meet sombody like him. but he is just NOT the one for bella. EDWARD IS!!!!!

Dani said...

Team Jacob.
Sure, Edward is perfect. Maybe TOO perfect. Bella is blinded by this trait to see that he's dangerous, over-protective, and isn't afraid to lie. Maybe about past relationships (Tanya)...?
Jacob's just being pushy because she doesn't want her doing something she'll regret - giving away her life, her possibilities.
If she chooses Edward, she'll live on, watching her loved ones die one by one and end up regretting it. :/ Or hell, she might be the one killing them when she's a newborn.LOL
If you just look at it in his POV, Jacob does care. A lot. So much, that he'd threaten a vampire to save Bella's fragile life.
Now that's love.

Brittany Derby said...

I vote Edward even though I love Jacob.
Edward loves Bella with all his heart and what's let of his soul. Everything he does (even the break up) was FOR Bella.
Jacob, though an amazing person isn't for Bella. I'm not saying he doesn't love or deserve her. I'm only saying that if destiny wanted it so he would have imprinted on her a long time ago. He even tried to imprint and failed.
On top of all that if we look into Bellas' best interest, she turned suicidal without Edward. It wouldn't be fair to Jake if he was with Bella while she loved someone else and she'll always love Edward.

So for Bellas' sake I vote Edward and pray Jacob will be alright.


Anonymous said...

i mean ewww its jacob!
and plus what turns me off even more is the guy who is playing jacob is sharkboy!
always have and will be TEAM EDWARD!

Anonymous said...

Edward, Edward, EDWARD people!!!!! Edward is soooo much better than that pushy, ubnoxious DOG Jacob. Yes, he may have his good points, grumble, but Edward and Bella have this amazingly strong bond that Jacob could only understand by imprinting, and he better not do that with Bella!!!! Jacob, just GO AWAY!!!

CrystalSC said...

Although, I honestly don't feel like Bella deserves him after the whole Jacob thing. Jacob was extremely rude, pushy, bratty, petty, and sometimes completely nasty with his crude slang which he continued to use even though he knew Bella didn't like it. He often made Bella downright livid. If Edward knew that Bella didn't like him behaving a certain way or calling Jacob names - he didn't do it because he RESPECTS Bella. Jacob by acting like a brat and constantly calling the Cullens derogatory names even though he knew it upset Bella exemplified he did not respect her.

Anonymous said...

Edwaaard! We saw what happened to Bella when he left (which he did because he thought he was doing the right thing). She can't live without him, and he can't live without her. And he's soooo lovely!
I wish I had an Edward. =|

Anonymous said...

Team Edward because Jacob has fleas!!

Kenzie said...

EDWARD CULLEN ALL THE WAY!! jacob is an annoying little brat who and immature so def. EDWARD!!!

Morgan S said...

EDWARD!!!! Bella should be with Edward. Jacob is ALL wrong for her. Edward is protective and helpful. He protects Bella and makes sure she is always safe. Edward keeps an eye on Bella 24/7 and hates to leave her alone unprotected. Although he left her once just remember he thought she would get over it, he wanted to keep her safe once again. He thought that he was putting her life in danger and therefore thought the only way to keep her safe was to leave her. And when he realized how much he had hurt her, he was quick to make sure he never left her again. The only time the two would be apart would be when he had to go hunting and that short time when Bella went home and made her way up to her bedroom. He has saved her life more than once, 6 times to be exact. He has saved her from the van, from the muggers, from James when they first met in the field, from James in the mirror room, from the Volturi, and from Victoria in the end of Eclipse. Jacob on the other hand has saved Bella’s life all of twice, one of which he had help. He saved her--with the rest of the wolves—from Laurent in the meadow, and he saved her when she went cliff diving.
There are also many more traits that make Edward better for her. Edward puts Bella’s happiness first, before his own making sure she does everything willingly and that nothing is forced upon her. But Jacob is the complete opposite. Jacob forcefully kissed Bella, and made her kiss him with her thinking he would stay and not fight. Jacob puts Bella through a lot of stress. He won’t give up and even though this can sometimes be a good trait, for Jacob it hurts and stresses out Bella. He keeps telling Bella he would be better for her, and that she has to think it through. Bella doesn’t need to think it through too much since her love for Edward is stronger than her love for Jacob. Jacob won’t take no for an answer and continues to stress Bella out. Jacob pushes Bella to make a decision but Edward just lets her make up her mind on her own terms. Edward is fine with whatever Bella chooses. If by some off chance Bella ended up with Jacob, Edward said he would have to live with it because Bella would be happy and that’s all he wants. He knows Bella would chose whatever is best and he will live with whatever her decision.
People say Bella shouldn’t be with Edward because he is too perfect. Is being perfect really that bad? Being perfect means she loves everything about him. It means he will always be there for her, care for her and tend to her every need. It means Bella will always be safe and always be happy. It also means Edward will always be happy too since making Bella happy makes him happy. Edward is perfect and this should be considered a good thing and not a bad one.
Jacob isn’t perfect, and a lot of people aren’t. But Jacob is all wrong for Bella. Maybe someday he will find the right girl someone that will love him, maybe someday he will imprint, but Bella is just not right for him. Jacob considers his happiness before Bella’s. He doesn’t always do what’s right for her and doesn’t always consider her choices like Edward does. Jacob would rather himself be happy with and unhappy Bella than have her and Edward together. Say if Jacob and Bella did get together. Say Jacob later imprinted on someone else. Wouldn’t that be horrible? If Bella stays with Edward we all know that they will be together forever. There is no chance of Edward ever leaving Bella and no chance of Bella leaving Edward. Their love is too strong to break. Bella’s love for Jacob is not the same love. She loves him as a friend and maybe a little bit more than a friend but her love for Edward is much stronger than her love for Jacob.
I think that Edward would be better for Bella for all these reasons. Jacob may find someone some day but his special someone is not Bella. Edward and Bella will hopefully be together forever and hopefully Jacob will come to accept this. Either way Edward should be the one who gets to love Bella forever <3

Anonymous said...

EDWARD ALL THE WAAY!!! i think edward is sooooooooooooooooooo much better for bella! they love each other sooo much. i think with jacob and bella's "love" is just friendship love. she cant love jacob as much as she loves edward. edward is perfect for her and they already said that they cant live without each other no matter what,so i am totally with EDWARD!!!! plus i love him waaaay more then jacob!

Anonymous said...

its soooo EDWARD!!! jacob is all wrong for bella. he is so immature and forces bella to kiss him. thats not right! he basically makes her say i love you, he basically threatens his life. edward is so understanding and he didnt even care that bella and jacob kissed!

if you guys are smart you would go with EDWARD. just face it.. he's waay hotter then jacob!!

TheatreSquee said...

Team Edward, no doubt. Edward + Bella = Perfect! But I don't hate Jacob, I just don't think hes right for Bella.