Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fan Spotlight

Once a week, we like to spotlight one of you. One of the amazing twilight fans who help inspire us here at Novel Novice and continuously contribute to our site. I know we are a small site, so we need all the support we can get. Some of you have just been amazing. This fan is one of them. She always stops by, offers help with projects, constantly messages on our forum, and has her very own Twilight blog--which you should check out here. I now present LupsandTnks Twilight story:

My name is Kimberley, and of course I am an avid Twilighter. So, here's my story.

Back in April 2006, I was sitting with my best friend Caitlynn in art class. We were supposed to be painting, and she was painting a representation of a cover of a book. Up to that point, I was usually the one to recommend books to her. But, I had never seen this book before, so I asked her what it was about. She started getting into this whole fifteen minute praise of a book called Twilight. I read the first chapter then and there, and really wanted to read the rest. My birthday is at the beginning of July, but she bought that books for me a couple weeks later. I'm a pretty fast reader, so I had it done the next day. I remember taking it with me to the beach where we went sailing. I stayed on shore and read the book over and over. It's still my first copy, and the back of the hard cover is all scratched up from the rocks.

I'd have to say that Caitlynn and I were probably two of the first people to read it at my school, and now every girl and almost all the guys I know have read it.

I was at the store waiting the day New Moon came out, and that was the same week when I started my first fanfiction for Twilight. I usually wrote about Harry Potter, being because I was hooked on those books for years already, but I decided to take a shot at a Twilight fic. It automatically became popular.

Now, over two years later, I cannot go one day without writing a chapter for my fanfiction. I've even put my own novel on the back burner because of it. I have dozens of burned discs with songs that remind me of the series. My computer's hardrive has over 2000 pictures that fans have made and of the Twilight actors filming the movie. I'm always refreshing the pages of fansites just in case they've added more news.

I think it's safe to say that I am addicted, and I have my friend to thank. I've made it up to her though (I introduced her to a number of vampire novels). These are going to be the books I will read to my children.

Everyone at my school knows that I am the Twilight fan. I've started my own blog. It's not that popular, but it give me a place to rant about the books I love.

I have read so many books. My 6 foot tall book shelf is so full that I have to resort to piling books on the floor. Twilight and the rest of the series, including Breaking Dawn, have a place on my motivation shelf. It's the shelf where I put books that have changed my life. Growing up I had a pretty dramatic childhood. I grew up literally trying to hide from my alcoholic father. He'd always come though, like the boogey-man, I was afraid of him, but he would pick up my sister and brother and I and we'dgo to his run down house all the time. In middle school I ended up hanging out with 18-year-olds and other lost souls.

From Twilight I learned that fear is only something we create. Bella is not afraid of vampires or werewolves, her mind tells her that she doesn't have to fear the Cullens. I didn't have to be afraid of making friends at my new school when I moved acoss the country. Twilight has been a shared loved among many people who I've become close friends with. I guess you could say that Twilight is the reason why I want to be a writer. I want my novels to change people's lives just like Stephenie Meyer has

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Phinecia said...

That is an AWESOME and INSPIRING story! SM would love that story!