Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Team Edward Preview

In case you didn't know, tomorrow is officially Team Edward day here at Novel Novice Twilight!  So go tell all of your friends to come back tomorrow and see our Team Edward Ad! As a little appetizer, I now present a Team Edward supporter's write-in plea:

EDWARD!!!! Bella should be with Edward. Jacob is ALL wrong for her. Edward is protective and helpful. He protects Bella and makes sure she is always safe. Edward keeps an eye on Bella 24/7 and hates to leave her alone unprotected. Although he left her once just remember he thought she would get over it, he wanted to keep her safe once again. He thought that he was putting her life in danger and therefore thought the only way to keep her safe was to leave her. And when he realized how much he had hurt her, he was quick to make sure he never left her again. The only time the two would be apart would be when he had to go hunting and that short time when Bella went home and made her way up to her bedroom. He has saved her life more than once, 6 times to be exact. He has saved her from the van, from the muggers, from James when they first met in the field, from James in the mirror room, from the Volturi, and from Victoria in the end of Eclipse. Jacob on the other hand has saved Bella’s life all of twice, one of which he had help. He saved her--with the rest of the wolves—from Laurent in the meadow, and he saved her when she went cliff diving.
There are also many more traits that make Edward better for her. Edward puts Bella’s happiness first, before his own making sure she does everything willingly and that nothing is forced upon her. But Jacob is the complete opposite. Jacob forcefully kissed Bella, and made her kiss him with her thinking he would stay and not fight. Jacob puts Bella through a lot of stress. He won’t give up and even though this can sometimes be a good trait, for Jacob it hurts and stresses out Bella. He keeps telling Bella he would be better for her, and that she has to think it through. Bella doesn’t need to think it through too much since her love for Edward is stronger than her love for Jacob. Jacob won’t take no for an answer and continues to stress Bella out. Jacob pushes Bella to make a decision but Edward just lets her make up her mind on her own terms. Edward is fine with whatever Bella chooses. If by some off chance Bella ended up with Jacob, Edward said he would have to live with it because Bella would be happy and that’s all he wants. He knows Bella would chose whatever is best and he will live with whatever her decision.

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