Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday's Twilight News!

*The time span to answer our discussion questions over on our forum has been extended a week. So if you haven't answered them yet, go here, and answer the questions for week 3. Also,check back tomorrow morning for Twilight Source's answers to the questions.

*We still need you to join our cause, watch our Project Twilight Contamination Video, and send us an e-mail saying you want to be invovled.

*Thank you to everyone who has answered my desperate call for staff . I will be making a post about that as well tomorrow.

*Don't forget to enter your submissions for Twilight Mom's design an apron contest. Click here for more details.

*BellaandEdward need some help coming up with some trivia questions for their Breaking Dawn release party, help them out here.

* has an interview with the actor playing Phil. Check it out here.

*Everything Twilight is reporting on some neato Edward Cullen dolls that you can purchase.

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