Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend News Update

* Novel Novice Twilight is asking for all of your Pro-Edward or Pro-Jacob artwork, video blogs, writings, poetry, music videos for our summer political campaign. All submissions need to be sent to Check below to watch the informational video. The sooner you send them the more likely they will be posted. 

*Twilight Teens has a new interview with MTV's Larry! Larry informs us that this Twilight Tuesday will bring a huge my dreamland that would mean an early release date for the movie. 

*Twilight Lexicon has an interview with Sarah Clarke.

*Bella and Edward (a wonderful and very helpful website) has scanned a UK magazine article about The Host, featuring a picture from the Twilight movie.

* A new and witty podcast called Three Chicks and a Mic has mentioned Novel Novice in their podcast! The ladies also talk about Twilight for a good forty minutes, plus a plethora of other enjoyable subjects. Its a really good listen. Some of the material is for the PG-13 audience.

*We also must welcome Team Edward, a german based fansite, to our Twilight family!

*Novel Novice will be revealing our number 3 pick for best Twilight site tomorrow morning!

Remember Novel Novice Twilight is your stop for all Twilight needs. 


Alice said...

Eyes that burn into your heart,
Hands that hold close,
A hunger for his one love,
A life of eternity.
The best monster is the one you love who hungers for all of you.

This is my poem so enjoy!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything that Brittany (above) said. That was basically everything i wanted to say except i would like to make the point not all werewolves imprint. Also I dont understand why everyone hates Jacob. Jacob is brilliant!
Also Jacob does so care about Bella! People say that Jacob is immature but i think that Edward is just very over protective of Bella. Edward is ok but Jacob is better ( but not for Bella:( )