Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday's Twilight News

*BiteofTwilight has picked Novel Novice Twilight as their 7th choice for top Twilight websites. Check out their much too kind words here! Thanks again!!!!

*Twilight Lexicon has some exciting news about how you can win the entire Stephenie Meyer book collection. OHHHHHHH we LOVE books here!

*BellaandEdward has some thrilling details about product tie-ins with the release of the Twilight movie. Hey did you know that Novel Novice Twilight runs their own mock product placement ads on Thursdays????? Make sure you check back for that!

*In more BiteofTwilight news... they are interviewing Justin (Eric), so if you have any questions make sure you stop by their site to suggest them. Hey! Novel Novice would like some interviews...anyone? Bueller? Bueller? 

*Find out how you can purchase Bella's engagement ring here.

*Check back this evening for our first Twilight discussion video blog!!!!

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BiteOfTwilight Admin said...

I just noticed that you posted this! Thanks for linking to us... and those kind words? You deserved them! =]