Monday, June 23, 2008

Discussion Forum Monday Part 2

Our second question surrounded the entire Twilight series itself: What is your favorite scene from the series so far? Enjoy and leave us a comment letting us know what your favorite scene has been. Remember you can click here or on our side bar to join our forum. This week's questions will be posted on Wednesday.


Kacy~Totally loves Twilight~ said...

Go JFK! lol, i agree with you on being more excited for Midnight Sun then Breaking Dawn even though im excited for that too, i just recently read the first chapter of Midnight Sun on and im already sooo excited!! But if you read you can tell that Midnight Sun is going to be wayyy longer than Twilight!! Twilights my favorite book of the saga alsoo!

kori said...

I am on my second read of the series, and New Moon was by far the hardest to read the first time around (I don't think it helped that I read the bulk of it from 2-6 AM on a Thursday morning), and I assumed it would be the same the second time through. However, even though it took longer because I didn't feel the need to devour it to find out where the HECK Edward was, it was not as hard, and it actually seemed like Bella's time without Edward went by faster. That's probably just because I knew what to expect, but it was a relief for it to not be as hard. Although I still got all teary-eyed at a lot of the parts.

Um, to make a long story short (I know, too late for that), try to read it again!!! You might find something new that you missed the first time!!! And I agree about HP5...Especially because of Sirius, my fave, dying...It's awful to re-read. It makes me physically tired to do it.

Thanks for mentioning me!!! It made my day!!!


LupsandTnks said...

Everyone that reads the series always goes to say that New Moon took them the longest. I dontk now, I finished it in a day. Haha But by the 4th time It took me about a week.
You know what, Order of the Phoenix is my favorite of the HP series and yet its taken me almost a year to read it for the 3rd time... I read a bit every week. I agree with you on the whole darkness thing.
I can't wait for Midnight sun either!

Danni said...

I totally had the same feeling after reading New Moon. When I reread the series I picked up New Moon and tried my hardest to read it again but I just couldn't force myself to do it. I could reread certain chapters, but not the whole thing because it was so dark. And when I read Order of the Phoenix I threw the book across the room when Sirius died because he was my favorite character.
And I'm also looking forward to Midnight Sun the most, perhaps even more than the movie as well. I just think that Edward is much more complex than what we see because the books are from Bella's POV. She sees Edward as perfect, when in reality he isn't. I just can't wait to get inside his head lol
And on the favorite scene thing, I think a lot of people say the meadow scene is the most defining of their relationship, but I agree that its the bit after he saves her in Port Angeles that really solidifies the relationship. Thats probably my favorite. But also when she goes over to the Cullen's house for the first time before the baseball game.
God, I didn't expect this to get that long... lol

Michelle said...

Like danni with HP5, when i read New Moon for the first time i wanted to throw the book out the window, but i didn't cause i had borrowed it from a friend. Though, i did throw it on the floor. I really, really hated reading through the parts of the book after the Cullens had left. I used all my will power to resist skippiing to the end of the book where Alice returns, leading to the return of Edward! Of all 3 books out, New Moon is my least favorite, but i really liked the end of the book which included some of my favorite scenes. Including, the vote! That scene had me cracking up; especially when Edward storms out after Carlisle votes yes, and then Edward comes back in saying NO NO NO cause Bella wanted to be changed right then and there. The only other positive thing about New Moon to me was the charcter development.

I'm also sorta more excited for the release of Midnight Sun than for Breaking Dawn. But I'm meeting SM before Breaking Dawn's release which increases my excitement. I've heard complaints that Midnight Sun will be the same story as Twilight, but Edward hears everyones thoughts besides Bella's. You wouldn't be getting the same story cause you wouldn't hear Bella's mind cause neither can Edward. Plus, you can hear the thoughts of some of your other favorite characters. However, I'm excited for both books and the movie.