Thursday, June 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Edward- A History Lesson!!

Novel Novice Twilight is all about the learning. Mix learning and Twilight together and you have a lovely feast of knowledge to devour. In honor of Edward's 107th birthday, which is actually tommorrow morning, we present our gift to all the Novel Novice websters- a video blog entitled "Happy Birthday Edward - A History Lesson." The blog discusses the major events that took place during Edward's natuaral lifetime: the progressive period, the rise of crime in Chicago, The Great War, and the Spanish Influenza. So go tell all your friends and your favorite fellow Twilight websters, that school is in session. We hope you enjoy!


WhoJackman said...

Love the new haircut :) Adele

novel novice twilight fan said...

Wow! That was really cool!!!
I've actually been looking forward to this post all day. lol :)
No, but seriously. That was great! I love it when you do these kind of things that somehow relates to school, in a fun Twilightish way of course. It just makes me love this site even more!!! I learned something cool today! I think I might go research a bit more on those subjects, they really fascinated me. It just makes me understand Edward's... um Edwardisms a bit more. That and I'm a total History geek. Hee.

It was good, though. I bravo'd and everything after you were finished. Good job!
Oh, and BTW: You forgot about the draft. Edward's mother was very concerned because the draft age had changed to "18" and Edward was 17 at the time. I was waiting for you to explain something about that, and how Edward and other young men during that time period had dealt with that.

Irene said...

aww thanks was time for the "I am on summer vacation and don't care" haircut!

novel novice twilight fan :::like the name:::: you're right, I totally forgot about that! I might have to mention that on our video news blog this weekend!
~Ms. Truitt

kori said...

Ahhh, LOVE the hair. And this was a really cool idea. Nice work as always!!!

Kacy~Totally loves Twilight~ said...

That was awesome! I liked how you described things that happened during Edwards original time, it kinda let everyone know what he had been through and how long ago it really was.

Oh and i really like the new haircut! It looks awesome! Congratulations on another sucessful Novel Novice video! Cant wait until the next!!

Kelly said...

wow i never relized how horible the spanish infulenzia that was interesting, i hate having to thing of our Edward going through that......horrible.....that alone sent a shuder down my back.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the idea of the history lesson! I already tried to do some research on my own - about the Edwardian time period, the history of Chicago and the role of the United States during the World War I - but I haven't really succeded.

Now, I only have one problem: I come from Germany and my ability to understand spoken English is - well - poor. ;)
With the background music, it's nearly impossible for me to understand anything. And I am so eager to know what you are telling! I just know German and European history around 1918 and I can hardly imagine what it was like to live in America to this time...

Would it be possible to post maybe some of the main information as a written text?
That would be awesome!
If it's not possible - well, thank you, anyway!
Greetings from Berlin!

TwilightFreak0_0 said...

ha you should have done this long ago cause i needed help in history hahah ironic cause school is over hahaha yeah ..... kool video give you props

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's me again!
Eventually, I figured out how to turn the background music off (I didn't realize that the music which disturbed me came from the site and not from the video - I feel pretty silly now...).
And I understood quite well this time: Thank you so much, it was very, very interesting!
Greetings, Opal

Joanne Maria said...

I thought that was great, watched the whole thing and learned a lot. Thank you

Nymphadora_Cullen_Carvahall said...

Very cool!! Bon Anniversaire, Edward!!! Happy Birthday to our favorite vampire!!!

This was very insightful to the time period Edward lived in, and the trailer really helped show people that this was about Edward's life, pre-vampire.

Another good insight into this time peroid are movies like "Iron-Jawed Angels" and "My Boy Jack." I've watched both, and they give insight into that time peroid that is so very interesting... I want to thank you for this, and I hope you do more.

BTW, what is the name of this video on Youtube?

swimminggeek272 said...

I love how the connection with Edward's time period is related to his personality today. The video really seems to show what Edward had to go through and why he is who he is today. Great video!