Friday, June 20, 2008

Team Jacob Day!

How ironic that today of all days is Team Jacob day! But what do you expect? I am a teacher, and an English teacher at that, we tend to LOVE irony. Enjoy today's Team Jacob video created by GFTiff. I actually recieved via e-mail some of the coolest Team Edward artwork, but will have to wait to post it till our next Team Edward day. Teachers should not show favorites, but be excited. Remember if you have any writing, photos, videos you can e-mail them to or post them on our You Tube page.


Kori said...

As much as I am a Team Edward girl, that video was really sweet, and that was definitely a great song choice!!!

Tiffany said...

I'm actually a team Edward girl myself, but that song fit so well, I had to make it :) I hope everyone likes it!! :)

Stewart Family said...

I'm an Edward girl too, but that was a good video. I like the song. Now you should make an Edward video!