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After taking on a staff and realzing just how big our Twilight obession was, we made a decision to move away from the blog only route and move to an actual site. Thats right, we are moving on up. So if you have us saved to your favorites, link to us, or just want to spread the word, our new addy is : Go take a look, enjoy all the goodness, and let us know what you think. Click here to be taken to our new and improved site. 

Tag You're It!

Check out Barnes and Noble's latest episode of Tagged, utterly dedicated to the Twilight series!

Monday's Twilight News

* Check back at around noon for the unveiling of our new site!

*Two new blogs surrounding the Twilight mania! Check them out here and here. 

Breaking Dawn Quotes!!

Tanya: “Ah, Edward. I’ve missed you.”

Ah ha! I have been saying she was going to be a major player in this story for months! My crazy prediction - she OR Leah will break up the wedding and Tanya is there to make trouble, BIG trouble, a la midsummer.

Your thoughts? 

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday's Twilight News

* Exciting News! The Twilight Guy has finished Twilight AND has announced the winner of the Twilight theme song contest!

* Twilight in the New York Times! Well aren't we all hoity-toity now. 

*Twilight Moms is having a cleaning contest. No, seriously. Considering I just purchased my first house and I am utterly re-doing it, maybe I should enter! Find out how to enter here. 

*Our new site goes live tomorrow evening!

Breaking Dawn Quotes!!

"Oh, Mike! How will I go on?"

Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh! Comments? Predictions?

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Saturday's Twilight News

*Twilight is taking over, read the article here. 

*Variety Magazine has a great article on Twilight and Comic-con

* "I am in New york right now working, and Kristen and I are on the phone with each other every other day. That girl is not only an beautiful person, but a brilliant actress who I look up to and learned a lot from. Enough said." Read the rest of the interview here. 


Breaking Dawn Quotes!!

Gah. What is not good? Someone mowing their lawn at 7:30 in the morning. What is good? Our first quote from Breaking Dawn!

Alice: "I’ll play you for it. Rock, paper, scissors."
Edward: "Why don’t you just tell me who wins?"
Alice: "I do. Excellent."

What could they be talking about?

Friday, July 11, 2008

Twilight - Behind the Scenes

PopStar Magazine has a behind the scenes video from the Twilight set. Check it out here. 

Breaking Dawn Quotes!

Straight from the woman herself:

A few things to keep in mind about the teaser quotes beginning tomorrow:

1. They are out of context.

2. They are out of order.

3. Some of them are purposely misleading.

4. I have a twisted sense of humor.

(Number four is really the key point there.)

The quotes will probably show up around midnight EST, but no guarantees on that. Sleep is always my first priority.

The quotes will be on my website, too, but I’m not sure what time my brother will have them up. (There is a new little webmaster due any day now, so my site might have some lag time in the near future.)

ETA: to answer Nichole’s question below, the quotes will all be listed in order on my website, so you won’t miss any if you’re away from the computer for a few days.

Enjoy the quotes….and don’t go TOO crazy trying to make sense of them.

Ha. Funny Meyer. You know we are ALL going to go LOCO!

Team Jacob Day!

Today's Team Jacob video comes to you from CupofTea. Enjoy!

Friday's Twilight News

*Some of you may have been good and did not watch the uploaded YouTube video of the Twilight Sneak on the new Penelope DVD, so here is an outline of what to expect:

-The Penelope DVD starting Tuesday (July 15) contains an exclusive scene from Twilight that has not yet been released to any other outlet.
-The attached clip is the "behind the scenes" introduction that leads into the scene from Twilight.
-The report from Video Business (quoted on multiple sites ) that there is a Twilight "trailer" on the Penelope DVD is incorrect. The Penelope DVD contains an actual scene from the movie between Bella and Edward.
(Thanks to Twilight Lexicon)

*The two Twilight articles in EW are now out, here is a sneak peak right here!
(Ms. Truitt runs to get her EW and starbucks).
"Fans weren't so sure at first, and some of the blogs were brutal. ''I stopped reading after I saw the signatures saying 'Please, anyone else,''' Pattinson says, laughing. To prepare for the role, the actor did more than just stay out of the sun. He wrote journal entries as Edward and shut himself off from his friends and family. ''I wanted to feel his isolation,'' he says. Still, Pattinson didn't transform into Edward in all ways. ''I was supposed to get a six-pack,'' he says. ''But it didn't really work out.''

*Perez Hilton talks about Twilight. Something I never thought I would say.

*It is Team Jacob day!

*We will be unveiling our new site and projects in a matter of days!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Infamous / Famous EW Article and Cover

MTV's Larry Carroll wants to know what you think about the cover, go tell him here! Tell him Novel Novice sent you!

AND...over at Lion and Lamb they have posted some scans of the article, and OME the pictures inside are MUCHO BETTER!!!!  Sorry I don't like the all! I know its Kristen and Rob and NOT Bella and Edward, but even as that, I don't like the cover. The inside scans way make up for it!

New movie trailer?

As if you needed another reason to see the new Batman movie, Pattinson Online is now reporting that a new teaser trailer for the "Twilight" movie will be shown with "The Dark Knight" in theaters.
This information is not confirmed, but it is an exciting possibility.

Mike Welch Interview

The Lex has presented an on-set interview with actor Mike Welch. He seems like a great kid
(well, I am only like four years older than him, maybe I shouldn't call him kid) Enjoy!

Thursday's Twilight News

*The Movie Fanatic has a new article on Mike Welch.

*BellandEdward have posted a fan's video about a Breaking Dawn Prom-its pretty enjoyable, check it out here. 

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Forever Young

Hello everyone! My name is Chela, one of Novel Novice's staff members, and you have no idea how excited I am right now because this is my first time ever posting! Yay!! Finally!

Seeing as we often like to share videos from the Twi-Tube community, I decided I would find a good one for your enjoyment. So while searching through the countless videos related to Twilight, I finally stumbled upon this interesting video that immediately caught my attention and began to make me ponder...

One of the many aspects of the Twilight series that has always fascinated me is the Cullen's story and how they all came to be the family they are now. Although this isn't what the video is mainly about, I still loved it and felt it was appropriate to share for those of you are Pro-Bite. If you notice, the Cullens in this vid are the the ones who are not in favor of changing Bella into a vampire because they actually remember their lives as humans and value morality over immortality very much. Emmett and Alice are not included because they don't remember anything about their human life and are FOR Bella becoming a vampire.

In this video, you will see that this takes place near the end of New Moon when Bella discusses over her mortality with the all the Cullens by putting it to a vote. As you know, some do not agree with her decision and vote against it. Then, it sort of takes us back in time to where it all began. I really liked.

While I was watching it, it made me empathize each character and allowed me to look more at their perspective for a change. You can understand what they mean when they say that they didn't choose this kind of life because they wanted to. This is a very important decision for Bella, and personally, I am one of those fans who secretly don't want Bella to change. For those of you out there that are Pro-Bite all the way, here's something to consider from another perspective.

I don't know, but it felt appropriate since we are less than days away from the release of a highly anticipated novel. Anyway, enough talking - watch it and tell us what you think in the comments below. Thank you! =]

Entertainment Weekly!

How I adore this magazine (though not so much the picture but I have a feeling I am on the losing end of that war). Above is a scan of the July 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly! AND they have a Team Jacob V Team Edward article over on their on-line site. Perfect for Team Edward day!

If you like Twilight, you'll love ...

Hello everyone – this is Sara, one of your new staff members. We are starting a new segment here at Novel Novice that I am truly excited about.

All of us have been brought here by our mutual love for the Twilight series. And part of Ms. Truitt’s original goals with this website was to encourage more teens (and people of any age, for that matter!) to pick up a good book and read. With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you our Reading Recommendations. Each week, a different staff member will share one or more book recommendations. These may be books that you will enjoy because they share similar traits to the Twilight books – or simply books that we think are awesome and deserve to be read. (And hey, let’s face it, we all need something to tide us over until August 2nd … and once we’ve finished Breaking Dawn, we’ll need something else to sink our teeth into. Pun intended.)

We’d also like to encourage you to share your favorite books with us. If you have anything you’d like to share, please e-mail me at and it will be featured in a future edition of Reading Recommendations.

And now, on with my own personal recommendations for this week …

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

If you love Twilight, you will love The Vampire Diaries. These are actually a collection of four books originally published in the 1990s. They have since been reissued in two paperback volumes (with very spiffy covers, I might add). The Vampire Diaries is about the struggle between two handsome, mysterious brothers and Elena, the girl torn between them. If you pay attention, you may even notice some similarities between one of these brothers and our own Edward Cullen!

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

This was made into a movie last summer and while the movie is actually quite excellent, the book is even better. It is simply a beautiful story about a boy who sets out to find a fallen star to win a woman’s heart and, in the process of his incredible (and magical) journey, he grows up and discovers who he really is.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Yes, I know – two books by Neil Gaiman! But this novel is one of my favorite books ever. It is the story of a man who both figuratively and literally falls through the cracks of modern-day London and finds himself in another world that exists within our own. It’s an amazing journey and will change the way you look at the world.

And finally …

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

This is perhaps one of the most quintessential books in American Literature. The story of Holden Caulfield is a coming of age story in the truest sense. And while his narrative may be littered with slang, curse words and inappropriate thoughts, it is a beautiful story and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Have you read any of these books? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

Team Edward Day

Oh how we love our man of stone! This week's video comes to us from Sasusakuluvrgurl . Enjoy all the Edward goodness!

Wednesday's Twilight News

*The Movie Fanatic has a new article on actress Nikki Reed. 

*Go here to download our very first podcast and  make sure to let us know what you think!

*and most importantly....It is Team Edward day!!!!

Wednesday's Team Twilight - Ashley Cullen

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Discussion Podcast!

I decided to try something new with our discussion questions. Click here or on our site panel to download our very first podcast. Depending on the response, we may or may not continue this experiment.

Tuesday's Team Twilighter Video - Katie Cullen

Twilight Tuesday...Meet the Girls of The Bella Cullen Project

I am sure there are people who will complain about no Spunk Ransom this week, but I for one think this is really neat. It shows that students are out there doing amazing things. Below is the video to go with the article that MTV has posted concerning a group of girls who have made a Twilight inspired band!

Tuesday's News

*Don't forgot about our Project Twilight Contamination! If you take part you will be entered in a contest to win a bunch of Twilight goodies!

*According to Bella and Edward, Barnes and Nobles will be posting a special video on their site concerning the release of Breaking Dawn on June 14th. They have also posted a blurb about the cast's appearance at comic-com!

*Saturday Night Magazine has posted a list of their top stars under 30, see where Kristen and Rob placed here. 

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Moon Theme Song!

The fans here at Novel Novice Twilight have spoken and declared Seether's Broken as their favorite song to represent the themes and mood of New Moon. Check back later this week for your opportunity to suggest theme songs for our Eclipse Theme Song Contest. Once we have picked a song for each novel (including Breaking Dawn), we will let you in on exactly why we have been asking you to search your Ipods. Thanks to everyone who voted! It was certainly a close race with Broken only beating No Air by one percentage point!

Twilight Quotes

We need your favorite Twilight quotes! So pull out your heavily worn copy of Twilight, head over to our forum, and tell us what is your favorite quote from the first book. Don't forget to tell us why!

Team Twilighter's Chelsea Cullen AND the Volturi?

Monday's Twilight News

*Stephenie Meyer has updated her Myspace!

*Twilight Moms have some information about where you can see the Twilight themed band- Mitch Hansen band. Check it out here.

*Twilight Extremists have some beautiful pictures from the film locations used in the Twilight movie.

*G4 will be covering Comic-Con, where some of our favorite Twilight stars will be attending. Check out more information here.

*Twilight Guy has read Chapters 22 nd 23, AND is asking you to vote for the top Twilight song!

*Robert Pattison online is reporting that the cast has completed a shoot for October's edition of Teen Vogue and Rob was voted one of the 25 hunks on VH1's list!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Product Placement Sunday?

Yes, I know...I sorta missed Thursday, but I was on vacation. Even Edward would understand! Speaking of Edward, today I present, CULLEN--a perfume you may use to ward off vampires who want to end your life OR just try to get you to dance in their room. If YOU want to join our product placement Thursdays, get in front of that computer and create a video advertising a product you think could show up in the Twilight world. Send us those videos on our YouTube page!

Sunday's Twilight News

*Twilight Moms have picked their apron contest winners, click here to check it out.

*Everything Twilight is the first place where I heard of the Twilight sneak peak, and they are changing their MySpace address, make sure you get their new one here.

*Spunk Ransom will be on TV tonight, check out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on ABCFamily.

*We still need your favorite Twilight quotes, leave them in the comment section!

*Find out how you can win a Twilight Movie Poster over at Twilight Mafia!

*Don't forget to vote in our New Moon Theme Song Contest! Today is the last day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I wasn't going was wrong....

Earlier today, I saw over at Everything Twilight that someone had posted the sneak peak of Twilight from the Penelope DVD on YouTube. I said to myself: "I don't want to see it. I want to save SOMETHING for when the actual movie comes out." I wasn't even going to post it on the site. But at 10:30 this evening, I caved in and OME! The actual sneak of the scene....anyone who doubted their chemistry or either of their castings must now bow down in shame. If anything this makes the wait for the Penelope DVD that much harder. The quality is rough, but if you want to see it click here.

Twilight Discussion Questions

I was stumbling around YouTube and saw that a fellow Twilight fan had posted a video in response to Novel Novice's Discussion Questions Week 2 Video Blog. I thought she really made some insightful points and asked her if I could post it here. If you haven't answered this week's questions, click here to do so, OR you can also click on the forum button on the side of the website. We are on week three's questions. Next week we will try creating our first podcast concerning your answers to our questions, but if you ever feel the need to create your own video blog, send it to our youtube page, and we might just post it. Now enjoy the Twilight world according to TuzVampzBorikuas!

Saturday's News

*This awesome banner was made by one of our newest staff members, Sara! Look for post from our new staff next week.

*An up and coming Twilight website- Twilight Zone- needs your help. We need you to leave a comment, or multiple comments, with your favorite quotes from the Twilight book, just the Twilight books. We have about a week to gather as many as we can. Show Twilight Zone some Novel Novice love and leave your favorite quote in our comment section.

*The Twilight Lexicon has posted their latest installment of their Summer School expose. Read about all the interesting ways Twilight has been used in school here.

*Twilight Series Theories has posted a letter from the Spanish editor of Breaking Dawn and it made me even more excited then I already was: check it out here.
*Rumors continue to swirl about a New Moon movie in the making, these are still just rumors, but here is an article from Shock Till You Drop.

*The National Post has an article concerning the work put into the Twilight movie, read it here.

*HisGoldenEyes have some new screencaps of Bella in costume, check them out here.

Friday's Team Twilighter Video--Bree Cullen

Friday, July 4, 2008

More Team Jacob....and Team Edward goodies!!!!

In the spirit of independence and all that good stuff, we present two Team Edward and Team Jacob buttons thanks to the talented people over at EverythingTwilight!

Team Jacob Day!

Enjoy our Team Jacob video presented to you today by Carriethediva05. Leave all your Team Jacob love in the comments!

Friday's News!

* Happy 4th to all of our American visitors!

*Its Team Jacob Day!

*On Stephenie's MYSPACE, she is asking for your help designing a skin that incoporates Breaking Dawn. If you are interested, check it out here.

*BiteofTwilight will be having an interview with everyone's favorite vampire dad--submit your questions here.

*Perhaps the biggest annoucement for today is that we are proud to announce our NEW staff! These ladies have some amazing ideas and I can't wait to get started on them. We are planning some huge improvements over here at Novel Novice, be excited, I know we are. Early next week we will present a video introducing you to the staff and some of our changes, but I wanted to introduce them informally now because they have already started their work:
EDIT: Because I am still reeling from the beauty of Chicago, I totally left out one of our staff! I know I am appalled too. I want to welcome to the Novel Novice family -Paige! A.K.A DazzledbyEdward11!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project Twilight Contamination

Today we recieved our first Project Twilight Contamination Story! It truly makes my day to know people are out there are joining our adventure to donate books to people and libraries in need. Here is her story along with pictures of her gracious contribution:


Just a quick follow up to let you know I've donated a shiny new book to my local High Point branch of the Seattle Public Library . Here's wishing this particular copy a long and fruitful journey inviting readers to explore the Twilight universe. The instant recognition of the title and wide-eyed look of surprise as the library technician thumbed through the pages was ample reward for this simple act. He mentioned that it's very difficult keeping a copy of Twilight on the shelf for all the patrons who have requested it.

Today's library visit has been a really fun and thoughtful break in my work schedule. I hope everyone participating in Project Twilight Contamination has an equally pleasant experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to spread the fandom!
Theresa L. Largusa
Seattle, WA

Now its your turn! Everyone who participates in this contest between now and November 1st will be entered into a drawing to win a BUNCH of Twilight goodies. Click here to find out how. Just think, the one book Theresa donated will be read by hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. Help us make a difference.

Thursday's Team Twilighter Video

Thursday's Twilight News

Yes, I know this is a bit late, but I just got back from the windy city, a.k.a Edward's birthplace-Chicago, look for an exciting Edward video next Wednesday for our Team Edward day! P.S Loving the calender!

*Taylor Lautner is certainly growing on me--check out a new interview posted over at the Lex!

*Seventeen Magazine also has a short interview with Kellan Lutz, check it out on the Lex.

*Stephenie's website has been updated with all sorts of goodness: the publication of two Twilight related books and how you can get Breaking Dawn tour t-shirts.

*More Meyer's! Stephenie has answered a few more questions concerning Breaking Dawn in a video blog posted on Border's website.

*Twilight Series Theories has posted their latest podcast, check it out!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Meet Sunday's Team Twilighter member-Chelsea Cullen:

Team Edward Day!

The banner and video were made by the one and only DazzledbyEdward11 . Hope you enjoy! Don't forget to show all your Team Edward love in the comments.

Monday's Twilight News

*Today I am traveling to Chicago--the city of Edward's youth AND its team Edward day. Love it! Look for a neat video next week!

*More information about the Border's 2009 Twilight calendar posted by the Lex, including new images. Check it out here.(Site went down --but I am sure you know the URL).

*Twilight Series Theories has come across a really neat site that gives you loads of information about a solar eclipse--Twilight fans rejoice in finding Twilight in science.

*Everything Twilight has found a new picture of the actors playing Bella and Embry, check it out here.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

...and the new car stereo goes to.....

Earlier this summer we began counting down our five favorite Twilight related websites as picked by my students and myself. We are now proud to announce our favorite Twilight website...but before we do so, I want to state at no point were Twilight Lexicon or Twilight Moms considered. Say what Ms. Truitt???? Here is why, they are the Gods of the Twilight universe. No two sites are more renowned in the Twilight world, and so it would be unfair to count them in the running. Doing so would leave two brilliant sites off our list. We are actually working on a project exploring the effect those two sites have on the Twilight web community. But I am getting off topic.

so without further rambling from me....

our # 1 Twilight website is.....

and here is why:
5) Twilight fans around the world call themselves Twilighters. They either jumped on that train very fast and penned the name for their site, or finally identified a fan base that has a passion for lit that can't be challenged. I for one consider myself a true and pure Twilighter.

4)The site is run by two teenagers who not only have teenage life in general to contend with (which can be overwhelming in itself) but are also two teenagers who show creativity and wit in everything they do.

3) Their video question and answer sessions are hilarious and really honest. If you have missed these sessions then you have truly missed out. They have talked about everything from evil teachers and their exams to polls regarding pies.

2) Their displays of scrapbooks and artwork are always lovely.

1)Personally, it was the first Twilight site I fell in love with. It was a site easy to navigate, the moderators were beyond friendly, and you can just feel a sense of genuine Twilight love when you explore their site.

Go check it out and let them know that we here at Novel Novice think they are brilliant.

Night Update

* Twilight fans are amazing. Check out this article about The Bella Cullen Project--a group of teens who started their own Twilight inspired band.

*The Twilight Guy shares his comments on chapter 21, check it out here.

*BellaandEdward is reporting that the new Twilight trailer attached to the DVD release of Penelope will be four minutes long. They are also reporting that you may pre-order your 2009 Twilight calender from Boarders!

*Twilight Moms have been sent to outer space, I always knew they were out of this world.

Discussion Questions

If you haven't taken the time to answer this week's discussion questions, click here. We will be completing our first podcast (Yes Podcast) on Monday. So you have until then to get your answers in. We asked our friends over at The Twilight Source for their input and here is what they had to say:
1) Often in literature, a character must face the decision to place personal needs over what’s best for those they care about. We see this both with Edward and Bella, and both place their needs and the needs of each other above the needs, and often safety, of their loved ones. Does this make them inherently selfish people? If so, is this their fatal flaw? If not, are we to understand that love is to come before all other things-- even family and the laws of nature itself?

This is an important question, as I think the subject of love— in all its various forms— is the centerpiece of Twilight’s plot. But I don’t think that Bella and Edward always put their own and each other’s needs/wants before everyone else’s. I think they both take great pains to achieve balance, actually. For instance, despite loving Edward more than Jacob, Bella still stood up to Edward in Eclipse when he attempted to prevent her from going to La Push. In that case, she took Jacob’s feelings into consideration and refused to bend to Edward’s will. That certainly isn’t putting Edward first. Bella takes care to look after Charlie as well. She always makes sure that he has as much protection as possible when there’s a nearing crisis. Of course, they aren’t always successful in accomplish balance. In fact, many times they fail, such as when Edward put Bella before his family and opted out of helping them to fight the newborns at the end of Eclipse. But Bella is “the most important thing to [him] now— the most important thing to [him] ever,” as he said in Twilight. So I think it’s less about him being inherently selfish and more about him simply prioritizing. We can disagree with how he prioritizes, of course— and I frequently do— but I don’t think it would be fair to say he’s self-centered for it.

The bottom line is, they’re only human— even Edward. They struggle for balance, and many times they don’t succeed, but that only makes them more believable as characters. Because the average person fails at balancing their wants and others’ wants quite a bit too. And it should also be taken into account that there’s a learning curve involved here— Edward and Bella are still figuring all this out, they’ve (obviously) never been in this situation before, and so making mistakes and exhibiting poor judgment is to be expected. So, selfish? Sure. But no more, and no less, than anyone else.

2) If there was one scene you would be destroyed if the cut from the Twilight movie in its journey from book to movie, what would it be?

Definitely the Port Angeles scene, when Edward saves Bella from the gang of men. That scene produced such a vivid image in my head that I’m excited to see it put on the silver screen. Plus, it’s a pinnacle moment, of course— it reflects Edward’s weakness when it comes to Bella in terms of his inability to stay away from her, and it’s the lead-in to him confessing what he really is. I highly doubt that’ll get cut from the film, however. I can’t imagine they’d cut something that important and exciting.

Tuesday's Twilight News

*In case you had no idea, or were hit in the head with something heavy, its Twilight Tuesday. Today, Larry presents us with an interview with actor Mike Welch. Check it out below:

*Twilight Series Theories is holding a fan fiction contest, since I know a lot of you like to write, I thought I would post it here.

*BellaandEdward has updated their site with pictures of the original book cover for the UK edition of Twilight, check it out here.