Saturday, July 5, 2008

Saturday's News

*This awesome banner was made by one of our newest staff members, Sara! Look for post from our new staff next week.

*An up and coming Twilight website- Twilight Zone- needs your help. We need you to leave a comment, or multiple comments, with your favorite quotes from the Twilight book, just the Twilight books. We have about a week to gather as many as we can. Show Twilight Zone some Novel Novice love and leave your favorite quote in our comment section.

*The Twilight Lexicon has posted their latest installment of their Summer School expose. Read about all the interesting ways Twilight has been used in school here.

*Twilight Series Theories has posted a letter from the Spanish editor of Breaking Dawn and it made me even more excited then I already was: check it out here.
*Rumors continue to swirl about a New Moon movie in the making, these are still just rumors, but here is an article from Shock Till You Drop.

*The National Post has an article concerning the work put into the Twilight movie, read it here.

*HisGoldenEyes have some new screencaps of Bella in costume, check them out here.


Michelle said...

Thanks for the news Ms. Truitt. I'm going on vacation today so sorry if you don't hear from me. I'll find out my Internet access when I get there.

Broadway Katie said...

OME, a favorite quote? Just one?!?! That's impossible!
Ok, let me think...
Ok, I'm going to go cliche and say...
"Stupid shiny volvo owner"
P. 83, Twilight

I pick that one because I squeel whenever I hear it, or see a silver volvo (2 sightings on record), or even just a volvo, actually(about 6 sightings on record)...
Yep, I'm crazy, but that's what happens when... you're... crazy...