Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Infamous / Famous EW Article and Cover

MTV's Larry Carroll wants to know what you think about the cover, go tell him here! Tell him Novel Novice sent you!

AND...over at Lion and Lamb they have posted some scans of the article, and OME the pictures inside are MUCHO BETTER!!!!  Sorry I don't like the all! I know its Kristen and Rob and NOT Bella and Edward, but even as that, I don't like the cover. The inside scans way make up for it!


CHELA said...


This is so icon-worthy!

Twilighter said...

The photos inside are AMAZING.
Seriously, I stopped breathing.
I guess I do that a lot with all things Twilight...but still.
These photos do Robert all the justice he deserves. =)

phinecia said...

The inside pics are SOOOOOOOO much better than the cover! My heart is beating through my chest!! OME!!

foofoothesnoo said...

I am almost never negative, but the front cover totally SUCKS!! what the heck was with the belt? OK done with the negativity. I LUUUUVVVV the photos on the inside, i practically died looking at them. (i would insert a smiley here if i could)