Thursday, July 3, 2008

Project Twilight Contamination

Today we recieved our first Project Twilight Contamination Story! It truly makes my day to know people are out there are joining our adventure to donate books to people and libraries in need. Here is her story along with pictures of her gracious contribution:


Just a quick follow up to let you know I've donated a shiny new book to my local High Point branch of the Seattle Public Library . Here's wishing this particular copy a long and fruitful journey inviting readers to explore the Twilight universe. The instant recognition of the title and wide-eyed look of surprise as the library technician thumbed through the pages was ample reward for this simple act. He mentioned that it's very difficult keeping a copy of Twilight on the shelf for all the patrons who have requested it.

Today's library visit has been a really fun and thoughtful break in my work schedule. I hope everyone participating in Project Twilight Contamination has an equally pleasant experience.

Thank you for the opportunity to spread the fandom!
Theresa L. Largusa
Seattle, WA

Now its your turn! Everyone who participates in this contest between now and November 1st will be entered into a drawing to win a BUNCH of Twilight goodies. Click here to find out how. Just think, the one book Theresa donated will be read by hundreds, maybe thousands, of people. Help us make a difference.

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