Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Entertainment Weekly!

How I adore this magazine (though not so much the picture but I have a feeling I am on the losing end of that war). Above is a scan of the July 18th issue of Entertainment Weekly! AND they have a Team Jacob V Team Edward article over on their on-line site. Perfect for Team Edward day!


kori said...

EW is my favorite magazine of all time. Their writers are amazingly talented, they always have great articles that other entertainment magazines would never be able to pull off, and their opinions are usually pretty spot on with mine. I've been waiting for a Twilight article and cover, but I didn't think we'd get one so soon!!! Yay for EW!!!

Liz said...

I think the cover looks awful!!

phinecia said...

I agree with Liz. It's like they reversed the roles of Bella and Edward. Bella is all perfect and beautiful and Edward is average and messy. It's just plain weird.

LupsandTnks said...

They don't look real. Too much photoshop etc.

RaeOfShadows said...

I agree with Liz, Phinecia and LupsandTnks.
My problems are hugely with "Bella"--the real Bella Swan would never be caught dead wearing such a...dress. It's beautiful, it's sexy and gorgeous--she hates being dressed up by Alice, so why would she wear something like this?
Plus, she's wearing WAY too much make up. It's MAJORLY photoshopped. She looks gorgeous, smutty, and vampirey.

"Edward" on the other hand, is a pasty-faced, deflated version of the Hulk. I'd already accepted that no one can live up to my version of Edward--but Rob Pat was coming pretty close. Now, in this picture...UGH. They say that sex sells, but really! Don't they KNOW how old we are? Yes, it's a YA book, but that doesn't mean that everyone who reads it would absolutely love steamy romance novels.

One of my friends said that this looks like a steamy romance cliche--all that's missing is Fabio.

And I agree a hundred percent.

Sorry if this sounds really, really harsh and ranty, but this is just really ticking me off.

Genesis said...

I'll agree that this isn't the best picture for twilight I've seen but I like that it's something different. This is a different take on Bella and Edward and even though their posing is odd and Rob's hair looks bad I like the picture. Everyone's complaining how Bella and Edward would never wear this or how that make-up looks horrible but it's just 1 picture! It's for a magazine I love so I will buy it and deal with the not perfect picture for now. =][=

WhoJackman said...

Two things:

1) Edward looks like he's been dusted in chalk with an additional layer of talc.

2) What's with his belt buckle? Am I old or is that the new way to position it?

I don't mind it all that much with the exception of point 1.

kori said...

You guys have to remember that they're selling the movie, the movie characters, and the actors, not our book characters. Because I assume they're trying to reach a larger audience than just us, they're going to play up the "vampire" aspect of Edward...The creepy, pasty skin, the really creepy look...And then contrast it to the human, Bella. And they're not going to put KS on the cover looking dumpy or plain or anything. I agree, they don't look like they probably will for most of the movie, but they're trying to catch people's attention, and obviously, they've already caught ours!!! Hopefully other people will pick it up and be introduced to Twilight.

Also, yes, I have seen many guys wear their belt buckles in other loops than the front ones. I know, they're silly!

Twilighter said...

I agree that this picture may not be the best.
But I like the arty-ness to it. It's more of an interpretation, although it would look better if Robert has his gold contacts and disheveled hair.
It's obviously an exaggeration, EW does that a lot. It's kind of spoofing Twilight, but not in a bad way. Just to catch the eye.