Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Forever Young

Hello everyone! My name is Chela, one of Novel Novice's staff members, and you have no idea how excited I am right now because this is my first time ever posting! Yay!! Finally!

Seeing as we often like to share videos from the Twi-Tube community, I decided I would find a good one for your enjoyment. So while searching through the countless videos related to Twilight, I finally stumbled upon this interesting video that immediately caught my attention and began to make me ponder...

One of the many aspects of the Twilight series that has always fascinated me is the Cullen's story and how they all came to be the family they are now. Although this isn't what the video is mainly about, I still loved it and felt it was appropriate to share for those of you are Pro-Bite. If you notice, the Cullens in this vid are the the ones who are not in favor of changing Bella into a vampire because they actually remember their lives as humans and value morality over immortality very much. Emmett and Alice are not included because they don't remember anything about their human life and are FOR Bella becoming a vampire.

In this video, you will see that this takes place near the end of New Moon when Bella discusses over her mortality with the all the Cullens by putting it to a vote. As you know, some do not agree with her decision and vote against it. Then, it sort of takes us back in time to where it all began. I really liked.

While I was watching it, it made me empathize each character and allowed me to look more at their perspective for a change. You can understand what they mean when they say that they didn't choose this kind of life because they wanted to. This is a very important decision for Bella, and personally, I am one of those fans who secretly don't want Bella to change. For those of you out there that are Pro-Bite all the way, here's something to consider from another perspective.

I don't know, but it felt appropriate since we are less than days away from the release of a highly anticipated novel. Anyway, enough talking - watch it and tell us what you think in the comments below. Thank you! =]

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Broadway Katie said...

Wow, what a beautiful vid! Thanks for posting it! :)