Monday, July 7, 2008

New Moon Theme Song!

The fans here at Novel Novice Twilight have spoken and declared Seether's Broken as their favorite song to represent the themes and mood of New Moon. Check back later this week for your opportunity to suggest theme songs for our Eclipse Theme Song Contest. Once we have picked a song for each novel (including Breaking Dawn), we will let you in on exactly why we have been asking you to search your Ipods. Thanks to everyone who voted! It was certainly a close race with Broken only beating No Air by one percentage point!


kori said...

Good choice guys!!! Not the one I voted for, but I had to vote for the one I suggested. But that's such a great song.

I am SO thrilled No Air lost. No offense.

Twilighter said...

I voted for Broken! =)
Great song, glad it was chosen.
No Air's lyrics match well, but the genre of song that it is just doesn't work for New Moon, I don't think.

Jason said...

Thank you for everyone that voted for Broken I was the only one to suggest the song when asked what the theme song should be.

Anonymous said...

really, best song for it would be:
Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls.

the title kinda gives away the reson,
Hero - Edward
Heroine - Bella.

Anonymous said...

uhhm..i'm suggesting haunnted ny kelly really has the meaning.

lyrics of the NO AIR is good..but it doesn't match the new moon.

that's what i think.

Anonymous said...

i thought either, breath by taylor swift or i will remember you by ryan cabrera, should be the theme song 4 new moon.