Friday, July 11, 2008

Friday's Twilight News

*Some of you may have been good and did not watch the uploaded YouTube video of the Twilight Sneak on the new Penelope DVD, so here is an outline of what to expect:

-The Penelope DVD starting Tuesday (July 15) contains an exclusive scene from Twilight that has not yet been released to any other outlet.
-The attached clip is the "behind the scenes" introduction that leads into the scene from Twilight.
-The report from Video Business (quoted on multiple sites ) that there is a Twilight "trailer" on the Penelope DVD is incorrect. The Penelope DVD contains an actual scene from the movie between Bella and Edward.
(Thanks to Twilight Lexicon)

*The two Twilight articles in EW are now out, here is a sneak peak right here!
(Ms. Truitt runs to get her EW and starbucks).
"Fans weren't so sure at first, and some of the blogs were brutal. ''I stopped reading after I saw the signatures saying 'Please, anyone else,''' Pattinson says, laughing. To prepare for the role, the actor did more than just stay out of the sun. He wrote journal entries as Edward and shut himself off from his friends and family. ''I wanted to feel his isolation,'' he says. Still, Pattinson didn't transform into Edward in all ways. ''I was supposed to get a six-pack,'' he says. ''But it didn't really work out.''

*Perez Hilton talks about Twilight. Something I never thought I would say.

*It is Team Jacob day!

*We will be unveiling our new site and projects in a matter of days!

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