Friday, July 11, 2008

Team Jacob Day!

Today's Team Jacob video comes to you from CupofTea. Enjoy!

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NovaAlbion said...

Very nice. A good job portraying the bittersweet nature of Bella and Jacob's relationship. The "dream" shots with the children were poignant.

Nice wedding invitation. Unfortunately, it had the wrong date (June 2nd). They didn't get engaged until June 13th and the wedding wasn't going to be any later than August 13, 2006.

Because of Eclipse, any date in that range is acceptable. However, Chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn starts a "few days" before the wedding. Because of the new car/death of the red pickup, Chapter 1 occurred "weeks" after their engagement. Likely, the earliest date for the wedding was after the Fourth of July.

Still, very nice.