Saturday, July 5, 2008

Twilight Discussion Questions

I was stumbling around YouTube and saw that a fellow Twilight fan had posted a video in response to Novel Novice's Discussion Questions Week 2 Video Blog. I thought she really made some insightful points and asked her if I could post it here. If you haven't answered this week's questions, click here to do so, OR you can also click on the forum button on the side of the website. We are on week three's questions. Next week we will try creating our first podcast concerning your answers to our questions, but if you ever feel the need to create your own video blog, send it to our youtube page, and we might just post it. Now enjoy the Twilight world according to TuzVampzBorikuas!


Anonymous said...

there's one thing that I do not understand. It's the fact that you see in some pictures of the movie that emmett and rosalie holding hands and same thing with alice and jasper. They are couples. But there's one pic of them siting at the cafeteria table getting snuggly with one another except edward because he doesn't have a mate. Isn't that weird for the rest of the school though? I mean they're supposed to be SIBLINGS!!

zen said...

Okay this for anon
In the very begning of the first book Jess informs Bella that everyone in Forks knows that Jazz and Alice and then Em and Rose are together. She thought it was kinda scandalous because they all live together and Bells had to agree that even in Phoenix this would cause gossip.
Edward is incredible in the movie. Rob ACTS really WELL. Really tenderly and mysteriously and when he first kisses Bella there's the perfect mixture of utter passion and love and desperate longing on his face. Really adorable.
Kristen on the other hand could use some work. Bella is not all cynical or rigid as Kristen acts. She's soft and open and warm and totally in love...
Sigh. Love the book. Definately like the movie. REALLy can't wait for New Moon!