Tuesday, July 1, 2008

...and the new car stereo goes to.....

Earlier this summer we began counting down our five favorite Twilight related websites as picked by my students and myself. We are now proud to announce our favorite Twilight website...but before we do so, I want to state at no point were Twilight Lexicon or Twilight Moms considered. Say what Ms. Truitt???? Here is why, they are the Gods of the Twilight universe. No two sites are more renowned in the Twilight world, and so it would be unfair to count them in the running. Doing so would leave two brilliant sites off our list. We are actually working on a project exploring the effect those two sites have on the Twilight web community. But I am getting off topic.

so without further rambling from me....

our # 1 Twilight website is.....

and here is why:
5) Twilight fans around the world call themselves Twilighters. They either jumped on that train very fast and penned the name for their site, or finally identified a fan base that has a passion for lit that can't be challenged. I for one consider myself a true and pure Twilighter.

4)The site is run by two teenagers who not only have teenage life in general to contend with (which can be overwhelming in itself) but are also two teenagers who show creativity and wit in everything they do.

3) Their video question and answer sessions are hilarious and really honest. If you have missed these sessions then you have truly missed out. They have talked about everything from evil teachers and their exams to polls regarding pies.

2) Their displays of scrapbooks and artwork are always lovely.

1)Personally, it was the first Twilight site I fell in love with. It was a site easy to navigate, the moderators were beyond friendly, and you can just feel a sense of genuine Twilight love when you explore their site.

Go check it out and let them know that we here at Novel Novice think they are brilliant.

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chris said...

Thanks SO MUCH for choosing Twilighters.org as number 1. It is an honor =]