Wednesday, July 9, 2008

If you like Twilight, you'll love ...

Hello everyone – this is Sara, one of your new staff members. We are starting a new segment here at Novel Novice that I am truly excited about.

All of us have been brought here by our mutual love for the Twilight series. And part of Ms. Truitt’s original goals with this website was to encourage more teens (and people of any age, for that matter!) to pick up a good book and read. With that in mind, we are pleased to bring you our Reading Recommendations. Each week, a different staff member will share one or more book recommendations. These may be books that you will enjoy because they share similar traits to the Twilight books – or simply books that we think are awesome and deserve to be read. (And hey, let’s face it, we all need something to tide us over until August 2nd … and once we’ve finished Breaking Dawn, we’ll need something else to sink our teeth into. Pun intended.)

We’d also like to encourage you to share your favorite books with us. If you have anything you’d like to share, please e-mail me at and it will be featured in a future edition of Reading Recommendations.

And now, on with my own personal recommendations for this week …

The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith

If you love Twilight, you will love The Vampire Diaries. These are actually a collection of four books originally published in the 1990s. They have since been reissued in two paperback volumes (with very spiffy covers, I might add). The Vampire Diaries is about the struggle between two handsome, mysterious brothers and Elena, the girl torn between them. If you pay attention, you may even notice some similarities between one of these brothers and our own Edward Cullen!

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

This was made into a movie last summer and while the movie is actually quite excellent, the book is even better. It is simply a beautiful story about a boy who sets out to find a fallen star to win a woman’s heart and, in the process of his incredible (and magical) journey, he grows up and discovers who he really is.

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman

Yes, I know – two books by Neil Gaiman! But this novel is one of my favorite books ever. It is the story of a man who both figuratively and literally falls through the cracks of modern-day London and finds himself in another world that exists within our own. It’s an amazing journey and will change the way you look at the world.

And finally …

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger

This is perhaps one of the most quintessential books in American Literature. The story of Holden Caulfield is a coming of age story in the truest sense. And while his narrative may be littered with slang, curse words and inappropriate thoughts, it is a beautiful story and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.

Have you read any of these books? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!


Maria said...

I love Neil Gaiman. I suggest everyone read EVERYTHING he has have written.

Although I must admit my favorites are "American Gods" and the hilarious "Anansi Boys"--the later of which, you should get on audiobook if at all possible!

Anonymous said...

the vapmire diaries is amazing but nothing compared to twilight. there are alot of similarities between all the characters though which is a good thing!!

Anonymous said...

to everyone and any one,i think you guys should read The silver kiss its a very very good book. it shares some sims with twilight.its one of my favorite books next to what are you watin for go out and by it!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already read "The Host" another amazing book by Stephanie Meyer. My only hope is that she makes this into a series as well because it definitely has the potential :) Happy Reading!

Tessa said...

I LOVE Twilight and havnt been into reading befor those books so it has been hard for me to find something that would keep me motivated to read more. I looked online and in book stores for weeks going crazy cuz i was craving more. I fell onto a web page named it lets you read the first chapter of the book and i was hooked.I bought the book on the web page and got it 3 days later in the mail. It is an order only right now but its worth it. Also inside i found a note that says its strait from the authers desk and its a one of a kind. It was sighed by her and had my name in it with a thanx from her to me!!! AMAZING please check it out the name of the book is Feather book one.

Anonymous said...

try kelley armstrong and the women of the otherworld series. she has a website

and it gives you all her books. It says you don't hace to go in order, but i kinda like to. start with bitten =)
it might not be as appropriate for 'kids' but now adays ::shrugs:: see what you think

Anonymous said...

I recommend the host, it is as good as twilight just about and had me in tears!!! Also, just letting all twilight fans know, go to google, type MTV MOVIE AWARDS 2009 VOTE and vote twilight for best film of 2009 else slumdog millionaire is going to win!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've read the twilight series twice and live it.
I soul strongly recomend the...
*night world series by L.J.Smith
*house of night series. By p.c and kirsten cast
*beautiful dead. By Eden maguire.
*Leaving poppy. By Kate cann
*The moranille vampires series. By rachel Caine

These are all great and there all about magical mysterious creatures.

Unforgiven said...

I am a big fan of twilight.. i have read it twice.. man its awesome, i wish the manuscript of mightnight sun wasn't hacked.. it is so awesome...! edward charachter was fun to read:( i wish stephne meyer would complete it...
By the way,i think your blog totally rocks.. keep it up:)

S Kate said...

I've been searching for another book like Twilight. I'm not looking for another vampire book though, just a good wholesome love story. I love how Stephanie Meyer was able to create such a pure romance between Edward and Bella.

Devon said...

We read The Catcher in the Rye in english and to be honest its one of my all time favorites. i even bought it for my boyfriend as a gift. i truely love books that get you deep inside the characters minds. As for the others you have listed, I dont think i will ever be able to love any book the way i love the twilight saga. i dont want it to end ever. I am a writer and i dream and and make new scenarios all the time but its never good enough because it does not come from Stephenie. SHES A FREAKING GODESS I SWEAR!!!! pure genious. i lost grasp on reality the two weeks i read the whole saga.

Anonymous said...

the twilight saga is really one of the best vampire-love series of all time. BUT this is why it really really BUMS me out when someone had to leak part of midnight sun out and it totally ruined the chance for twilight fans to ever read more.

Anonymous said...

Evermore is an awesome of right now there are only 2 books. the 3rd will be out 2010. Bluebloods is pretty good too!

priya said...

Blood and Chocolate's a good read .In fact,I'm pretty sure, the part in the book where bella asks if the silver bullet can kill the warewolf is taken from this book. O'course its really hard to find a book as captivating as the twilight saga.But this should lock you right in!

cyna said...

i and you all guys must agree that there can be no book as captivating as twilight but if you read the host you'll get your answer. its not better as twilight but for everyone who's desperate for a good book it is the one

Stephanie said...

I highly suggest Cassandra Clare's Mortal instrument's series. 3 books in all and I read them in a week. Gotta read in order though!
City of bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass!

Anonymous said...

I recommend The Hunger Games and the sequel Catching Fire. They aren't about vampires, but the stories will suck you in and take over your entire life just like Twilight. Stephenie Meyer was quoted saying she couldn't put this book down and had to hide it under the table at dinner so she could keep reading.

Anonymous said...

The Magicians' Guild is the first fantasy novel in the The Black Magician series by Trudi Canavan. These are the books that first got me reading. I couldnt put them down. It's about a world ran by a magician society and a girl in the slums finding her powers. I LOVED Twilight and again I couldnt put them down but the Magicians Guild is better than Twilight, Harry Potter and the Golden Compass (All favs of mine). A must read

andrew said...

First off: Love the website

Any of you know a good book or a series of books that like twilight take a "evil" creature and flip it around. I prefer the angle of a bloodsucker or a mongrel :D

Anonymous said...

I love Twilight! It rekindled my love for reading. I wanted to recommend the Sookie Stackhouse series. It's not as romantic as Twilight but it's funny and exciting.

Anonymous said...

I am a huge fan of Twilight, and when I went to the New Moon premiere, they were handing out this new book (it just came out October 13). I'm assuming it was for promotional purposes. Anyway, its called Hush, Hush. I read it in less than 24 hours. Its similar to Twilight, but different enough that it isnt repetative. I looove the characters, and I think Patch might just be hotter than Edward =0. Read it and you'll understand.

Anonymous said...

I like kelley armstrong. Her "woman of the otherworld series" is one of the best books i've read. You can also try wiccan books like books by Silverraven Wolf. She is a true witch so her books are really amazing and truly bewitching.

Anonymous said...

I love Twilight. It's one of those series I can read over and over again. So I'll give you the others I can read a zillion times and never get sick of..
Harry Potter of course
Artemis Fowl series
The Mortal Instruments
The House of Night
Graceling and Fire
Evernight and Stargazer
The Iheritance Cycle

Anonymous said...

Try Vampire Academy. Not as good as Twilight but still very good.

Anonymous said...

the silver kiss is also a very good book, just as twilight. I really recommend it.

Anonymous said...

i think you should all read the books by a daughter and mother team author the house of night series...............

Anonymous said...

I loved Twilight and have re-read them several times. However I did find others I really enjoyed too:

The Mortal Instruments (not vampires but really good)

House of Night Series

The Immortals (alot of similarities between Edward and Bella but not vampires either)

The True Blood Series (Sookie Stackhouse)

I was not a fan at all of The Vampire Diaries! I have heard Vampire Academy and Blue Bloods is really good but I have not read these myself.

Mindy2k said...

I like Twilight but am not keen on books such as Harry Potter etc. I am much older than the average reader probably :)

After Twilight I craved something to keep me going and found the following:

Mortal Instruments Series - Cassandra Clare - Fantastic series of books about a girl who is a Nephilim.

Darke Academy - Pretty boring and not the best series. It's not about vampires but soul suckers.

Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead - a pretty good series

The Immortals series by Alyson Noel - Just finishing the first book and am ordering the next. Not about vampires.

Vampire Diaries by LJ Smith - I could put them down easily and not the best of this bunch

Morganville Vampire Series by Rachel Caine - a brilliant series that I couldn't put down about a town run by vampires.

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater - an amazing book once again I couldn't put down. It's about wolves :)

Fallen - Lauren Kate - a great book again, this time about angels

Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick - another good book about angels

True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse series - Charlaine Harris. This is for an adult audience but took me 3 books to really get into them

Fever Series - Karen Marie Moning - once again for an adult audience but a great series.

I have tried the witch series by Kim Harrison but really couldn't get into them.
I'm also going to try the Weather Warden series by Rachel Caine.

The recommendations people have posted here have been so much help and as I read about 2+ books a week I need recommendations!

deasha said...

i see a lot of suggestions out there. i might try one of those books you all already said.
btw i hv read:
-morganville vampire
-house of night
-vampire academy
-vampire kisses
-the immortal

after twilight, i'm all into vampire stuff and currently i'm still looking for twilight-alike needs for reading is growing stronger!

Anonymous said...

i suggest the night world series by L.J. Smith

Anonymous said...

hey guys, I'm from South-Africa ........And I love Twilight I have read it like six times .........don't know why ' just love it!!!
Anyway I recommend The host and Tha vampire dairies (love both) and The mortel instruments (also very good)
Also try night world (not vampires but very much the same concept,Also in three volumes available, nine wonderfull short novels )


yAY! ! ! !

Anonymous said...

Hey guys i know this is really late but i just finished the series The Mortal Instruments and i fell in love again. Its not as good as Twilight but its honestly up there. It's even got a Love twist made my mind go crazy! Its really good! It has a lot of fight sense love and made me laugh some times too. Just like Twilight i couldn't but it down
Even Meyers recommended it.

l_yushan95 said...

Honestly, after reading Twilight...I can't find any other books to read. It was like the 'twilight feeling' is still there. I went to the bookshop and ask my teacher then check online...

I mean...i'm not going to read any vampire series yet. I'm trying to find something about highschools, love...well something like that. Maybe this is what a teenage girl like me will always choose. ^^

Thank you for your imformation! Looking forward on ya' blog.

uzisuzi said...

Hey there all my fellow twilight fans! :p

Great site, and great recommendations!

At the moment i am reading fallen by kate lauren. It no twilight, but it still makes for a good read. It is about a girl who falls in love with a guy, but the whole time he is hot-and-cold with her and she doesn't quite get it. But she knows there is a very deep connection between them. It turns out he is a fallen angel destined to fall in love with the same girl over and over again. I haven't quite finished the book, but it seems as though in the past, the moment they, or he, gives in to their feelings and kiss, she dissapears moments after, and so he will fall in love with her again in her next life time, however this time it is different, she didn't dissapear. Also, the hot-and-cold behaviour is him trying to avoid her and not give her any signs that he is in love with her. The next book is torment and is being released in september 2010. I would suggest it to anyone that likes teen romance novels with a super natural twist.

13 reasons why, by jay asher is also a great book. It's more a drama. It is about a teenage girl who comitted suicide, but before she did, she recorded 13 reasons that led to her suicide (13 people, each did something). So the 13 people who led to her suicide received the tapes through the mail. I know most people think suicide is a very morbid topic, and it is. But i think this book is a good lesson to everyone, how one not-so-big-deal action one does can snowball, or influence someone, not necesarrily let them commit suicide, but have a negative affect on them, and that we should think about the way we treat other people. Personally i don't think the stuff in the book is worth commiting suicide over, sure it is bad, but not suicide bad, but i think the author used suicide so people would grasp how important our behaviour towards other people is, and how one simple action, either good or bad can have an effect on people.

Gone by michael grant is also a good book and its follow up, hunger, is also good. It is more action/adventure teen fiction, but still very good. I'm not gonna go into details about it, but here is a wikipedia link to the page of this book:

the home lander series is also pretty good, also action/adventure teen fiction. There is currently two books in the series. Here is the wikipedia page link to the author:

Happy reading :)

Melisa80 said...

OMG! Found a new book that feels so much like Twilight but it's not a vamp story but a sci fi love story.

It's called INTWINE by Christina Moss.

I'm totally in love with Seth and Juliette and can't wait for the sequel that is due in Sept.

Book is on Amazon and on author's website:

Anonymous said...

you have to read the blue blood novels, Melissa de la cruz, ever since i read twilight i coulndt find anything as good, untill this series! it still isnt AS good, But still in my top 3!

Anonymous said...

I read the Twilight Series awhile back and ever since then have not stopped reading - I had a goal of finding books just as good as Twilight - I haven't made that goal yet but do have some recommendations:

Sookie Stackhouse Series - really good read, funny not at all like Twilight but LOVED them!!

The Vampire Academy - Great story just read the latest book to come out - it was very good

Black Brother Dagger Hood - First books were great - but after the first few books it was a bit repetative to me

Harry Potter books

Anne Rice vampire and witch novels

The Vampire Diaries - Again I enjoyed the first three books - the books tended to go downhill later in the series, but still they were pretty good

House of Night series

The Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon - totally different from all other books I've listed but this is the series that got me out of my Twilight slump. It is a more difficult read and takes a little while to get into the first book - but once the story catches you it's great - give it a chance!!

A lot of people recommend the Anita Blake series, I personally didn't enjoy them at all

Samantha Cummings said...

Hi! I'd love for my fellow Twilight junkies to read Eagleton Coven: Amaretto Flame and let me know what they think!

P.S. I adore the Vampire Academy series, and also really loved the Hunger Games series. Can't wait for the final book in August!

Anonymous said...

When I first read the Twilight books I just found I had to start over-in fact 7 times before I was willing to leave the Cullen Universe. So I went off to the book shop to find something else that might be as good. I started with the Mortal Instruments 'cause it was recommended by Stephenie Meyer. The series was ok and the romance was ok-still not Edward and Bella. I have since read the Nightworld Series by LJ Smith-9 short stories all revolving around the"soulmate" principle involving vampires/shapeshifters etc.-not bad as she managed to create some romance in a short story but a bit repeatative. I loved the House of Night series by PC and Kristin cast and even though I am a middle aged reader I enjoyed the younger language and boarding school setting but with vampires. Also the strong female leads in Zoey, Stevie-Ray and especially Aphrodite who was hilarious. I also loved Divine by Mistake- OMG Clanfintan is almost as romantic as Edward!But was disappointed in the 3rd book in the seeries as it moved away from the main characters and I just wanted to know what happened to them.
Thanks to Stephenie for resurrecting my love of reading and guess what- I am now reading Twilight again and after reading other things and coming back my heart races every time Bella sees Edward just like the first time I read it.!

Shaly said...

I have to admit that Twilight was really got me interested in reading. Now I don't stop searching for books to read that keep me as interested as Twilight did. I came across a Series by Maggie Stiefvater that was totally amazing and I DEFINATELY RECOMMEND IT! Named "Shiver", "Linger", and the third one is coming out soon. "Forever". Cant wait!

Anonymous said...

Twilight was a good series but not on my top 5 list. For vampire novels I would recommend:
- Vampire Academy
- Mortal Instruments

And these are for the older population:
- Anna Strong novels (Jeanne C. Stein)
- Mercy Thompson novels (Patricia Briggs)

Anonymous said...

I loved the wicked lovely series by Melissa Marr. Theres 4 in the series with the 5th and final due out soon. Its a love story about a guy & girl who are best friends but she is being sucked into the dark world of faeries and how they can stay together through this. Has heaps of dark characters in there and the stories get better as they go along.

Anonymous said...

The Mortal Instruments by: Cassandra Clare is a MUST READ!! Loved it and couldn't put it down!!

Anonymous said...

u no wat i luv twilight too n its the best book iv ever read i finished the buk in 3 weeks n totally lost my grasp of reality my mom doesnt want to buy me any more buks bcuz of that haha but i recomend the princess diaries its nothing like twilight but still very awsome..........i wish stephenie wud add more books to the series i keep on making fantasies about what will happen next n cant go back to the real world, i even read midnight sun but huh(sigh)..........i wish i was renesmee!!!!

vicky said...

As with many of u, i have found a passion for reading after TWILIGHT. I love (or rather obsess over) The House of Night!!
I also like Fallen and its sequel Torment - focusing on Fallen Angels.
Host is awesome too and am hoping for a sequel.
While waiting for the next books in these series' im goin try Black Dagger Brotherhood and Mortal Instrumets as these have had good reviews and recommendations.

Danielle said...

I absolutely loved Twilight Series and have reading series ever since to try to find good reads like Twilight. If you love Twilight you'll love
-My blood approves series by Amanda Hocking(awesome read!)
-The Evernight Series by Claudia Gray(heart stopping love story)
-Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike
(Good for young adult love story)
If you want something more for adults try
-Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
-Divine Series by P.C. Cast

Anonymous said...

i never used to read at all like most typical teenages i guess and when the twilight series came out i was like how can so many people be in love with a book? that was untill of course i thought well lets see and man i read all the series in less then a week and i was definetly hooked haha, since then i have totally lost count of how many books ive read lets just say ALOT!!! lol, any here are some recommodations:
the goddess of partholon series by PC Cast
Angel time by anne rice
intertwined by gena showalter
strange angels series by lili st crow
the last vampire series by christopher pike
tourment ad fallen by lauren kate
nightshade by andrea cremer
lord of the wild by susan krinard (only for its hot romantic scene on pg 298 haha)
vampire acadamy by rachael mead
wicked love, ink exchange and fragile eternity by mellisa mar
the nightworld series by l.j smith
beautiful creatures by carcia stohl
hush hush and cresento by becca fitzpatrick
house of night series
the moral instruments series
shiver by steifvater
the immortals series by alyson noel
and the last but definetly not the least poison, magic and fire study by maeia v snyder, if you are all true twilight fans and seek books you cant put down get your hands on all these you wont be dissapointed
good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

I only saw The Hunger Games mentioned in this blog once!! All three books are out now, and they are awesome. I read all three books in one week. It's not a vampire story, but it will definitely pull you in and you wont want to stop reading. I definitely recommend The Hunger Games Series. Book 2-Catching Fire, Book 3-Mockingjay

Anonymous said...

I found "Fallen" by Lauren Kate. It has some similarities to Twilight, but still totally different. About Angels and Demons instead of Vampires and Wolves. Must read!!

Anonymous said...

<3 <3

Anonymous said...

I think everyone needs to read "HALO" by Alexandra Adornetto. She is only 19 years old, but she's already an amazing writer! I just finished the book, I must say; it ends in a cliffhanger, because it's gonna be a triology :) . The book was AWESOME.

Anonymous said...

Only for adult audience Black Dagger Brotherhood is amazing books once I start reading I can never put it down

Tyler said...

I love the Twilight series, especially Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I've read them several times and I found the vampire war scenes were my absolute favorite parts... especially the (almost) battle with the Volturi in BD.

I'd recommend the Pact Arcanum series by Arshad Ahsanuddin ( They're really good vampire novels (the first book is called Sunset) set in 2040... and have more war scenes than Twilight! There's still paranormal romance, though.

Anonymous said...

At first i didn't liked reading at all, but twilight hooked me up. Since then me and my friend have been looking for supernatural books(not only vampires). I've got a few to recomend:
Blue bloods series: Melissa de la cruz
Elixir: hilary duff(not that bad)
Fallen & torment: lauren kate
Hollowland: Amanda hocking
Leaving paradise & return to paradise: simone elkeles
My blood approves series: Amanda hocking
Once in a full moon: ellen schreiber
night world series: lisa jane Smith
Trylle trilogy: Amanda hocking
Vampire kisses: ellen schreiber
The host: stephenie meyer
The iron witch: karen mahoney
Unearthly: cynthia hand
Vampire academy: richelle mead
Willow: Julia hoban
Harry potter: j.k. Rowling
Guise are the ones i've read... Got any others???

Anonymous said...

At first i didn't liked reading at all, but twilight hooked me up. Since then me and my friend have been looking for supernatural books(not only vampires). I've got a few to recomend:
Blue bloods series: Melissa de la cruz
Elixir: hilary duff(not that bad)
Fallen & torment: lauren kate
Hollowland: Amanda hocking
Leaving paradise & return to paradise: simone elkeles
My blood approves series: Amanda hocking
Once in a full moon: ellen schreiber
night world series: lisa jane Smith
Trylle trilogy: Amanda hocking
Vampire kisses: ellen schreiber
The host: stephenie meyer
The iron witch: karen mahoney
Unearthly: cynthia hand
Vampire academy: richelle mead
Willow: Julia hoban
Harry potter: j.k. Rowling
Guise are the ones i've read... Got any others???

Roxie said...

I suggest "The Hunger Games" by suzanne collins

"the mists of avalon" by marion zimmer bradely

and "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman

Anonymous said...

If you loved Twilight, you MUST read, "A Discovery of Witches." It might actually be better than Twilight! You will not be disappointed with this book! It's part 1 of a trilogy, I cannot wait for the next two!

tabucutie said...

I've just joined the twilight band wagon and it is honestly amazing! The in depth description of the emotions, feelings and conflictions between all the characters is amazing. I've read through this whole blog and all the information supplied has been of great aid. But I highly doubt anything could ever bet the epic love story that Stephanie Meyer has created!

Angie AC said...

I never liked to read until Twilight. I've red The Twilight saga 4 times and will read them again. I would do anything to read the rest of Midnight Sun. PLEASE Stephine finish this book.
I just got done with a book today I know y'all will love it's called
"A discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness it has vampires in it also and magic. It was wonderful the second one comes out summer 2012 it's called "shadow of Night"

Love you Stephine you changed my world I love to read :)
I think this website y'all made Is a great idea. Good job peeps.
<3, Angie

issha loves Twilight said...

I recommend Vampire Academy...Nothing like Twilight... still if u think u got to do something else from Twilight, this wil b perfect. Opens a new world of Moroi, Dhampirs and Strigoi.. I love Rose, Dmitri and Adrian... Also heard they r going to make it a movie by next year...So.. try it.. i m sure all wil enjoy it. Btb AMAZING SITE.... KUDOS..

Anonymous said...

I loved Faerytale by Virginia Higgins, it's great and nothing like twilight, just that same immortal love drawing you in. This one is closer to home though and there are three of them

Anonymous said...

thanx for everyone leaving these awesome ideas for reading! im addicted to love stories with great endings! im a twilight fan, lauren kate fan (sigh, gorgeous love story) the host (at first i was sceptic, but it was unput-downable!!!) eragon of course also stolen my heart, the golden compass series (it was good, and im still a christian, so don't let that put you off, when you hear people critisize the book)

nicholas sparks, - a walk to remember - oh my gosh, EVERYONE simply loved the book, and the loved the movie (again, movies sucks compared to books) but keep a box tissues close!

Terry Gooodkind isn't that bad too. His first book is magnificent, and the second. haven't read the rest yet

one night with the king, is a good love story too.

Garden spells (ooooh nice!)
Turtle moon (oh gosh a must read too!)

Alice hofmann - practical magic (This time, the movie actually beated the book, in its most rare cases ever)

oh and francine rivers. oh gosh, i read her sequel : a voice in the wind, and echo in the darkness a million times. and i've cried myself dry too

Tuck everlasting is a short book, but very nice to read too.

These are all addictive love stories

im a difficult reader, and easily get bored with a book.

i love a good book

but its soooo damn difficult to find

So enjoy! you can trust me! all the books are excellento!

thanx for all the rest's recommendations! im gonna dig in now!

p.s. how COULD i forget!! LORIEN LEGACIES!!! pittacus lore! freaking loving brilliant!!!

ive heard game of thrones is good too. the tv series is excellent (bit dirty though)

enjoy fellow readers!!! :)

ilette (south africa)

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Said..
Stephanie Meyers novels were fantastic, but i also have a love for Cassandra Clare, if you loved twilight, YOU WILL ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS. "The Immortal Instruments Series" and the Prequal; "The Inferno Devices"
The Immortal Series, which is al recommended by stephanie herself, is a great series....consisting of 4 books, but i believe soon to be 6 books...
and the inferno devices, is a book written in the "old days" of london, LOVED IT and cant wait for the new one to come out....i wish i hadnt read it so quickly....
these books are so twisted, you assume something, but it twists on you. Brilliantly written...Keeps you wanting more...I hope Cassandra never stops writing. SHE IS BRILLIANT!!(:

Anonymous said...

I agree,Cassandra Claire's 'Mortal Instruments' rock and is my 2nd book after twilight.Is hunger games as good?Please answer!

Anonymous said...

The Outlander Series by Diana Gaboldon is a MUST read. this book along with twilight has set the bar for me. I continue to look for a series that can grab me like these did. I devoured them. Just ask anyone who has read them and they will gush over them. or look at Diana Gaboldon's facebook page to prove this. Jamie and Clairs love story is AWSOME!!!! They are thick and probably geared tword adults. im 37 but i know many adults that loved Twilight so read on

Anonymous said...

Have any of you heard of The Created Series? If not, check it out at

Annie said...

fallen series brilliant (Lauren Kate)

Love and Magic (I grobler) on amazon - LOVE it! can't find more books of her though...

the host was awesome!

i am number four! read it!