Thursday, June 5, 2008

Twilight Movie News

In an effort to make this the best site possible, we will now include a daily posting of Twilight Movie related news. We hope that you recognize Novel Novice Twilight as a website for all your Twilight needs!!

One of the most exciting pieces of news today in my humble teacher-y opinion is Twilight Lexicon's interview with Kristen. I feel she is getting a lot of flack as of late, and feel for the most part it is unfair. Check it out. I think she does a wonderful job.

Also, (insert-teacher who loves the fact that students are reading, and thinks the Twilight / Harry Potter war is lame-groan), Reelz Channel has run a story comparing Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince and Twilight movies.
Thanks to Twilight Series Theories for the heads up!


Teressa said...

you guys totally rock! i love hearing about guys who read twilight! your blog enteries are really cool and I TOTALLY AGREE about the HP Twilight comparison thing. HP will always be number one for me I've been a diehard fan since age seven! I've been with Harry for nine years! Twilight has been with be for five now. If you are tiffshakes on the Lexicon's message board (which i think you are) we shared the same opinions their. ( I'm bettingonalice357).

Well you guys totally rock and I hope you all continue spreading the Twilight phenomenon around your school!

Ms.Truitt said...

Hey bettingonalice357! Fancy meeting you here. Thanks for stopping by our site and come back soon ;-)