Saturday, May 31, 2008

Twilight Guys at JFK....someone should tell Kaleb!!!!

A very funny thing happened at good old JFK last week....and it was all suppose to be kept a secret. While waiting for second load buses to arrive, a student of mine, Nick, asked if he could talk to me. The expression on his face had me worried, he looked....scared. Was he having a hard time in another class? Was something going on at home? Who knew? The he whispered so no one would here: "Ms. Truitt, can I borrow that book everyone is reading? But I don't want anyone to know." I laughed but struck a deal that I would go buy a few extra copies and lend him one (the money alone I have spent on purchasing copies of Twilight for my school is depressing... at least to someone who is in the process of buying her first house). The next morning it happened again, another male student, Devin, asked if he could borrow my Twilight book, but only if I promised eternal silence...."on pain of death," I replied. These two boys were not only in the same class but sat at the same table. On the way to lunch, I made a comment to both of them: "You know what is funny, you both asked me the same question about a certain item." They first looked petrified then broke out laughing, relief evident in their voices, they weren't the only ones anymore. Later in the week, one of my drama club students, Brandon, asked me if he could borrow the is spreading my friends!! Of course, Brandon is not as shy as the other two about it. I finally got them to pose for a picture for the site, but decided to play a little trick on them. I told them I was fixing my camera but was really recording them as I asked them why they were so embarrassed about people knowing they are reading the book.  As you can see, they are quite funny about it. Brandon has finished Twilight and is currently reading New Moon; I will be posting his story next week. Also, look for Nick and Devin's stories when they are done. Click on the clip and enjoy the show!!!!  Someone should let Kaleb over at know that if we simply called it Vampires of the Night (or at least go and visit his site and tell him about venture over here), we maybe could get more male readers to join the ranks


A.A said...

I understand why some guys are afraid to read Twilight. They all think it's just another romance! But, they sould know that there is action in it as well, and plenty of humor. Although, I do wish for the name of the book to stay TWILIGHT! Any other name sounds weird!

Roxie said...

I actually angrily ranted about this recently.

The societal pressures that allow great books to be dismissed and deamed as "less than" b/c they're "chick" oriented. And the other pressures that make guys too ashamed to simply read a book!

These pressures hurt everyone!
But I am glad their curiosity won out! Great writing can cross Great barriers!

Becky said...

It makes me very said to think about what great books I would have missed if I only paid attention to the gender that they are supposedly oriented towards. I have plenty of guy friends who are in their 20s who love the Twilight series and are not afraid to say so. I love the titles of the books! I love when I am reading a book and trying to figure out how the title ties into the book.

Broadway Katie said...

It was kinda funny-I've been ranting about Twilight for the longest time, and I just found out that a guy who I sit with at lunch went out and got it and read it just because I was raving about it! Awesome, huh? But the guys I sit with tend to be a lot less pressured by "Normal Society". ONe of them wears a trenchcoat and listens to obscure European techno.
I think there should be more guys who aren't afraid to read "chick books"! Thay could definitely learn a thing or two from Edward. Did you see the "donkey" who sent those stupid e-mails to Kaleb? Kaleb just posted the latest on his blog. I'd pick Edward or Kaleb over him any day! Guys need to learn that being Macho isn't really that attractive all the time.

TwilightStar said...

You three boys are hilarious! Guys shouldn't be afraid to read Twilight. In fact, any Twilight fangirl will go absolutely crazy over a guy who reads Twilight. More guys need to be like you three!

Michelle said...

Okay, guys? Seriously, Twilight didn't seem like a "chick" book when I first glanced at the weird cover. And the main character? She's not very girlie, if you know what I mean. It's the fact that she's a "girl" and it's from her point of view that makes the book seem that way... oh, and the romance... But hey! Shakespeare is a dude and he wrote Romeo and Juliet, so there. Ha.
In my opinion though, Twilight is so much better than a play about two young lovers who whine and cry and eventually kill themselves in the end. But now I'm getting off-topic. So, yeah, reading Twilight is nothing to be embarrassed about. When they ask me what I'm reading I just say, "It's basically like Romeo and Juliet but in a more 'horror/thiller' feel." Cue the staring. "Yet modern at the same time." LOL. No further questions.

You know... I'm sure if Midnight Sun was published, guys wouldn't be so embarrassed. AGAIN, because it's from a guy/vampire's point of view. Hmph. Most likely true. Have you guys read the first chapter (not official) of Midnight Sun on Stephenie's website? It's really cool. You guys should read it together! I'm sure the guys will like it, too. ;)

Anonymous said...

hahah my heart goes out to you three!!! i love it! more guys should read twilight in my opinion!

Claire said...

Haha, you guys are awesome! My brother is your age (I'm a rising senior), and I wish I could get him to read it.
And I totally get why were reluctant to read it. It's become such a teen girl phenomenon. But it's great to see some guy twilight fans.