Wednesday, May 28, 2008

JFK's 1st Twilight Guy

You all know him as the boy who yelled the Harry Potter killing curse at a sub once....the boy who went into edward mode in our first video posting...and the boy who drew our first I present his twilight story:

Well as you know by now, or if you don't, I am Maurice. I am very crazy and outgoing. But I am a die hard Harry Potter fan, not a groupie, a fan! I am in love with the wizarding world. My world came to an end when I met the vampire world, Twilight.
I was so in love with the HP series that I refused to read Twilight. I thought it would be a girl's love story. You might be thinking I am one of those people who stereotypes--NO! I felt Twilight to be the enemy of Harry Potter. But my teacher Ms. Truitt and my best buddies Khyera and Sallie kept pressuring me. I finally finished the 7th book of HP and was bored sitting in class.  Ms. Truitt saw this and placed the book on my desk. I was actually sweating....I read it and it was GOOD and I LOVED it.
But I needed more, so I asked Ms. Truitt if I could read New Moon and Eclipse. It sorta felt like I cheated on the Harry Potter series.
So thats how I became a Twilight junkie. For now, I'm going into Edward-Mode. BYE!

Please leave Maurice a comment and let him know what you think about his first blog. Also, don't forget to check out his comic below. The whole point of our site is to explore the relationship between the fans and the novels. We look forward to bringing you more stories. Keep voting on topsites, and tell your friends to stop by!!


Phinecia said...

I am a HUGE harry potter fan as well. I have read the entire series about 4 times. And each time a new movie comes out, I re-read that book before going to see the movie. When my daughter brought home Twilight, I thought oh goody a teenage vampire story. Then I read it and got hooked. I don't feel like I've betrayed HP. I feel like I've found a series that captures all the action, suspense, dilemnas, love, and hate that HP has.

Anonymous said...

lol must yeah harry potter curse at my teacher now. Perfect for finals week

TwilightStar said...

Haha, Maurice, you are hilarious. I'm glad you've joined out Twilighter family and for showing Twilight is NOT just for girls.

Priscilla said...

I'm really glad!
It makes me so happy when people read books out of their comfort level and love them. How excited are you for Breaking Dawn??! I know I could just about pee from nervousness/excitement/anticipation.


Kori said...

Yay, glad you enjoyed it sweetheart!

Also, I know you all have already picked the finalists for the theme song, but I was listening to my playlist on shuffle and came across a song I think is perfect for the movie that you guys should hear.

AFI--"Love Like Winter"

Yay Twilight!!!


Roxie said...

I'm glad you're loving both series Maurice! Keep us updated on your thoughts:D

Anonymous said...


My hats off to you! If you have not I would suggest heading over to He posts stories of guys who became Twilighters whether by accident or sheer curiosity. You should share your story!

Naitre said...

I'm glad to see that you think there's enough room in the world for Harry and Edward - I know I do!

Cheers to you for jumping into the Twi-verse!

Kano Darkie-chan! said...

Alright, so dude, you are COOL in my book! I don't know any guys in my school who have read Twilight for pretty much the same reason. (and they all hate reading...weirdos.) So I only have one question for you: Who do you perfer Bella being with? Edward or Jacob?? I hear most guys perfer Jacob over Bella, so I was just curious what your response was. Thanks!

~Darkie from Illinois