Saturday, May 24, 2008

Segment 1 Student Responses

How did you first hear about the Twilight Series?
"My sister read it first, and she kept bragging about how good it was, so I started to read it." ~Sharon F

"[I heard about it from] my teacher Ms. Truitt and my friends. But they made me do it, sorry Doby (HP reference)." ~Maurice

The rest of the quotes involve students blaming me incessantly for their now all-consuming obsessions, so I think we can just skip that part....besides we all know it's the outstanding work of Meyer that is the culprit. 

If you could create the soundtrack for the Twilight movie, which songs would you include?
"All Around Me"~Flyleaf
"Crazy in Love"~Beyonce
"Helena"~My Chemical Romance
"The Ghost of You"~My Chemical Romance
"Seize the Day"~Avenged Sevenfold
"I caught Fire"~The Used
"Breath"~Breaking Benjamin
"Never Too Late"~Three Days Grace
"Brokenhearted"~Eighteen Visions
"Moment" Aiden
"Lips like Morphine"~Kill Hannah
(All song choices above were suggested by students)

"Marvelous Things"~Eisley
"My Body is a Cage"~Arcade Fire
"Walcott"~Vampire Weekend
"My Last Breath"~Evanescence
(Songs suggested by the nerdy teacher who has way too much time on her hands, or is just too fascinated with these books....)

"Iris"~Goo Goo Dolls
"Painted on my Heart"~The Cult
"Seventeen Forever"~Metro Station
"Hide and Seek"~Imogen Heap
"Lullaby"~Billy Joel
"You are the Moon"~The Hush Sound
"Untouched"~The Veronicas
"Do What I Have to Do."~Sarah McLachlan
(Songs suggested by some of you, who are just too awesome for words for posting comments)

*We will have two more major posts coming up in the next week! Thanks to Twilight Lexicon and Twilighters for taking the time to showcase our site. I can't express our gratitude. If I can ever figure out how to make a button / banner for this site, I hope to link to other Twilight sites in order to keep this project going. (If anyone can give me some pointers, please do) We can't do it without all of you fellow Twilighters out there! On Thursday, we will be posting a story on Maurice's Twilight expirence! Next weekend, please check back for our second round of questions and pictures! Our main goal is to get all of you Twilighters invovled as well, this being said....

Please take a moment or two to look at the song choices above. If you had to pick one song as the theme song for the movie, which one would you pick? At the end of the week, we will announce the winner! I purposely left off Muse because we all know how connected it already is to the books. The plan is to have my students analyze the top favorites for another weekly segment. 

Please keep checking back for more goodies!!


Roxie said...

I would pick "Untouched" (as that was my original choice!) just for the lyrics alone, but I think it's too fast and not romantic enough for...well, a romantic scene (maybe elsehwere on the soundtrack?)...instead I'll go with Heap's "Hide & Seek" I simply LOVE HER and that song!


"Do What I Have to Do."~Sarah McLachlan. Simply gorgeous!

Loweberry said...

I would choose "All Around Me" by Flyleaf because the lyrics really do sound like Bella. Plus, I absolutely love that song.

Anonymous said...

The scientist by Coldplay
Epic song = epic series

Eileen said...

Iris. The second I heard that song, all I could think of was Twilight. Most of the lyrics fit into the story perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I would pick "Every Time we Touch"
from Casacada but the slow version, i think is awesome

Anonymous said...

hey Tif you know on Stephanie Meyers Webpage she has soundtracks that she envisioned with the books.

But I agree with loweberry. "All Around Me" by Flyleaf is pretty amazing and it really could play into the first and second books.

<3 Stacey

Naitre said...

I love "Helena" but that's more New Moon for me (My Chemical Romance was all I listened to when I read that book).

Hm, being totally predictable, "Iris" - I mean, if I picked it to begin with, I should be loyal ;P

Jenicky said...

I would pick "Do What I Have to Do" by Sarah McLachlan because it's very heartbreaking and defines Bella and Edward's relationship. Edward doesn't want to let Bella go, and Edward doesn't want to let Bella go. They want to be together, but there are so many obstacles in their way. I love the updates so far! I'm a bit behind w/ them.

Lisa said...

Of the listed choices, I'd say "All Around Me" by Flyleaf. My ultimate Twilight song isn't listed, though--my top choice is Hero/Heroine by Boys Like Girls.

Anonymous said...

It is a 50/50 tie between the Goo Goo Dolls Iris and Sarah McLachlans Do What I Have To Do. They are both beautiful songs and depict Edward and Bellas relationship.

Christen said...

OMG that is sooooo cool most of the songs up there i picked for my playlist...i put "All Around Me" by Flyleaf, "Seize the Day" by Avenged Sevenfold, "I Caught Fire" by The Used, "Breath" by Breaking Benjamin, "Never Too Late" by Three Days Grace, "Comatose" by Skillet, "Brokenhearted" by Eighteen Visions, and "Moment" by Aiden.....oh yes i am awesome!