Tuesday, May 27, 2008

When Harry Met Edward

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If you have read a good portion of the posts on this website, you have read about our very first Twilight Guy named Maurice. Tommorow, I will be posting Maurice's Twilight story, but here is something to tie you over. Its part one of Maurice's comic: When Harry Met Edward. A gripping and overly dramatic meeting of young adult literature's two most powerful male figures. Join Novel Novice as we travel through their conflict, their battle of the literary giants...and stay tune for more episodes. I hope you enjoy the teaser! Please check back tomorrow for Maurice's story and a posting about our theme song contest. Also, please don't forget to scroll down and read (and of course comment, can you tell we are comment crazy here) today's posts concerning Twilight Top Sites and Twilight Tuesday. 


Roxie said...

Ah, they don't have to fight! One lives in London, the other in U.S.!

Although magic would probably trump my lovely Edward.

Ms.Truitt said...

I agree, but its still pretty funny. I myself get quite tired of all the Twilight / Edward battle talk...perhaps, this is why I find it funny.
P.S we have enjoyed all your comments, would you like to contribute a story for our Twilight Fan series? If so, e-mail me at tiffshakes@yahoo.com

Phinecia said...

HA HA HA! That is GREAT! I think that it would be a great battle and I don't think either side would have an advantage. Edward knows what Harry's going to do seconds before he does it and Harry can protect himself with magic. I think it would be much like the mock battle between Edward and Jasper in Eclipse.

Roxie said...

Ms. Truitt, it is pretty funny! Though I think Edward would have been tremendous help at the Battle of Hogwarts! lol

Oh, Phinecia, how did that escape me? Now you've got me really thinking about it. But what would happen if they apparated and did a spell like in the Goblet of Fire?

Anonymous said...

well roxie you donthave any fun thoughts do u

Roxie said...

lol, Anon, it's not true! I do have fun thoughts, but when I post after working overtime they just don't come out right!