Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Please take the time to vote for us on Twilight Top-sties! I know we are having some problems with the picture but you can still click on the link and vote. The link can be found on the right hand side. Please help this site grow!!!! We can't do it without you!!


WhoJackman said...

Hey! My name is Adele and I am starting a Fangirl podcast about all things geeky and fantastic. We are recording our first episode on the weekend. We will be discussing three topics one of which is Twilight of which all three of use are huge fans. Was hoping (that should I have the opportunity) that I could mention your site. As a teacher myself I find it fascinating to follow your students interest. Thanks a lot!

Ms.Truitt said...

That would be great!!!! Let us know about your podcast and we will post a link to it here on the site!!