Friday, May 23, 2008

Official Part 1 of JFK's Twilight Project (Week 1)

Wow, thats all I can say. To see the excitement on my students' faces today as we worked on this project brought me the sincerest amount of joy! Then to check one of my favorite sites, Twilight Lexicon, and to see our project mentioned....WOW. I can't wait to tell my students on Monday :-)

To show you exactly the kind of humor my kids bring everyday into my life, I now present "going into Edward-Mode,": students are very inventive. Part of the reason I think the story appeals to students, especially male students, is the gothic / supernatural aspects of the stories (i.e all the really cool vampire and werewolf stuff). One day while passing out papers, I heard one of my students say, "oh nooooooo, he went into Edward-mode." I inquired immediately of course! They explained to me that Edward-Mode is just a term they made up for all of the abilities that Edward has that they wished they did: strength, speed, agility. Then they offered to show me exactly what they meant. 
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! Please check back Sunday for my students answers to this week's questions. The questions for this week can be found in the post before this one! Keep posting, I know my students will love to hear your thoughts!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Thats really cool! Haha, I wish my teachers in my school where as much a Twilight fan as you and you're students are! (Though my teacher did read Twilight, he isn't really a fan) I think thats really amazing! You rock! :D - Sara ( Yeah theres many of us)

Elaina said...

That's hilarious if a teacher wanted to teach us this in Georgia all the crazy bible belt people would show up with holy water. Awesome idea keep it up!

Phinecia said...

This is a really GREAT idea! I only wish my teachers were so involoved when I was in school. Luckily, I homeschool and can teach my kids whatever they want to learn. Twilight just happens to be on the top of their list right now. Keep up the good work!!

Broadway Katie said...

Hey! I saw this on the Lexicon and thought I'd check it out. It so rocks my socks off! I wish teachers at my school would teach more modern stuff. I think more kids my age would read if the required reading in schools was more akin to their tastes. I'm a total bookworm, and I read the series in no time flat. I just wish more people my age read as... enthuseastically as I do so I could have more to talk to them about. Reading and surfing the web are my two great loves. Keep up the awesomeness! I can't wait to read more updates!