Monday, May 26, 2008

D-Day...or the Day of a Thousand E-mails

Calling all Twilight fans...young and old...students....and teachers.....engross yourself in the power of the written word! Tomorrow is the time to let the Ellen and Oprah shows know that you want, no demand, that they have members of the Twilight movie cast (and of course Stephenie Meyer herself) on their shows! This project was thought up by those motherly moms over at Twilight Moms! Special thanks goes to for the heads up on their oh-so-wonderful site.



Feel free to comment on this post to share some ideas on what to write for any fellow fans who may be suffering from writer's block (though I bet we all could talk about the books for hours). 


Roxie said...

Love the banner~

Kori said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful what you're doing for your students. I believe it only takes one book to get them started on what could become a lifetime of avid readership. I myself just read the entire Twilight series this past week, from Tuesday night to Wednesday evening, and was immediately captivated. In reference to emailing Ellen and Oprah, I recently saw the Jonas Brothers on Oprah, and one of the reasons she decided to have them on is not only because they were her most requested guests so far this year, but because two girls made about a half dozen YouTube videos pleading with Oprah to have them on. I think it would be such fun for your students to do a project like that!!! I wish them all luck on all the projects they will be doing with the book...I wish I could have a whole class about Twilight in college!!!