Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Twilight Discussion Monday Part 2!!!!

Yes, this was actually posted on Tuesday. In our defense, we were not planning on the video going so long it needed to be posted into two sections. You guys just provided so many wonderful answers in our forum, we couldn't resist. Enjoy our second section where we discuss Breaking Dawn predictions. Leave a comment and let us know what you think. Remember we will be posting this week's questions tomorrow! Don't forget to join our forum!


LupsandTnks said...

Leah. I never thought her name was pronounced Lay-ah. I was more on the lines of it just being said Leah. As in those Hawiaan things. Hmm. Now I have to change my entire way I say her name.
My friend calls Renee, Ren. and I always correct her. Haha
Listening to Evanescense!

Kori said...

Ahhhh, I am so excited I got mentioned!!! I think it's a theatre thing...I need attention, I guess...Hmmm...Yay for Discussion Monday/Tuesday!!!