Monday, June 2, 2008

Drum roll please....

We're not sure if the Twilight universe considers us the best of judges (we're a new site 
having a difficult time gathering visitors), but we decided to count down our 5 favorite Twilight themed websites. There are a TON of them out there, and some really quality ones as well....not just ones talking about how dreamy Rob is....though far be it from Novel Novice to deny that fact. (A fact is something that can be proven and this most certainly can be). Number 5 on our esteemed and "we're not worthy," list is......

Here are the top five reasons why we LOVE this site:
5) The moderators are beyond nice and lovely to talk to over e-mail. Like I said, we are a rather small site and for them to take the time to talk to us, and even place a link to our site in their news feed is quite refreshing. Some of the larger Twilight sites out here in Edward / Bella universerse aren't always so welcoming. My students and I greatly apperciate the help!!!!

4) It's about more than just the movie!!!! Yes, they do a wonderful job updating their news feed, but they also have some wonderful discussions concerning the novel itself. I find a lot of sites don't do this as much anymore now that the movie fandom is in full swing. Their discussions go beyond "what do you think will happen in Breaking Dawn," to full geeked-out literature / plot elements love fests. I mean this as the highest form of compliment here. I am currently getting my masters in Lit. Their discussions are quite insightful as well.

3) Their layout is simplistic yet stunning. Its not overcrowded, and very easy to naviagte.

2) The fact that they are sisters and can enjoy this novel together is pretty cool. 

1) Because it dazzles us!!!!

No look over to your right....right under the top sites link (which you should click on and vote)...see their link....thats right...right go click on it and see all the glory for yourself!!! Tell them Novel Novice sent their love!!!! Check back in a few days when we reveal our number 4 pick.


Whitney said...

Oh my gosh!
I love your site!
It's awesome!
I'm from Utah and I'm like the biggest Twilight fan ever! Omg, my friend and I read the 1st chapter of Breaking Dawn and the whole time we were like having histerics!
Oh my gosh!

Anonymous said...

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